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Helo tis werybeeg production we make werybeeg games for blinds yes codein werybeeg progrmming languages unresict? tanks.


hi iam liam gaster again  ,i luv the audio games forem so mutch  ,and i howp i kaan help ya all in this grate forem


@mmaslo1124 you are now unrestricted.


I like sports and actions such as kitchens golf swamp and madden.


Hi my name is mike and I am from Missouri. I want to learn about games especially Xbox games and steam


@hatlor welcome to the forum, you are now unrestricted.



i am hatlor
this post is to intro me
i am a totly blind person living in the netherlands

i have playin audio games from 2008
my faforted types are : card games. mooh/mud/shooters, webrouweser based games

feel free to send me a pm for more info

greats hatlor


@cat OK, I've unrestricted you. But just to give you a heads up that a lot of us on the forum are blind players, but we love talking about mainstream games such as Mortal Kombat. I don't know how playable Counter Strike is for a blind person, but we'd still be up for discussions, for sure.


oh sorry for that I cant found sig in button and I found now


GTA 5, mortal kombat, counter strike


@cat what types of games do you like to play?


hello. I wand to join chats and more, please permission me. Ok?


@Maranatà and @libreaudiogamer you are now both unrestricted. libreaudiogamer I'm looking forward to finding out what games you are working on.


I have followed this site for a while but now that I am working on some audio games, I was hoping that I could become more involved in the community. I am  a Linux user so my goal is to make the games that I work on as cross platform as possible. Once my account is unlocked, I will start posting in the appropriate channels about games that I am working on.


Hello!  , I am Antonio, a blind person who really likes to play with both computers and iPhones.  I hope to find lots of fun games for fun.

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