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Hi, my name is Dave, I would like to join so I can get answers on audio games.  I have come on this site for many years but never actively join.  Now that I have more time to do this, I hope I will be able to get answers to my questions.  I completely lost my sight back in 2000.  I just found out about Madden accessibility.  I have played madden 95 when I could see a little.  Now I would like to play again.  I just Purchased Xbox1s and Madden 20.  I guess you could say I am a beginner.  I would love to learn and join Audio Games Forum.  Thanks Dave  P.S.  I live in the South of the U.S.A. and I am a New Orlean Saints fan.


Hi smile
I would like to share some code for a mapper on a mud i am playing.
The game (Alter Aeon) is also accessible to blind players.


Thanks Jayde


Graeme and Lor, welcome to the forum.


Hello all

I'm Lor. I'm trying to connect more with a family member and so I am interested in audio games for that reason. I'm sighted. They aren't very computing minded but they love their audio games so I was thinking it would be great to try and help them with their troubleshooting - by researching and learning stuff myself. I found the forum because I have a particular game in mind to start with... but I shall just say hello for today.

Thanks Lor


Hello I'm Graeme. In my spare time I make small accessible games for the PC. Over the past 10 years I've made several accessible games for players with motion impairment, I'm interested in developing games for players who are blind/vision impaired.

I'm open to any questions and/or ideas relating to game development. I don't code, but I'm fully sighted and use a powerful programming tool that lets me rapidly develop projects, I'm hoping I'll be able to make a positive contribution to the community here.


ACM, welcome to the forum.

Mahdi, you have to be kidding. Stop making accounts. We don't really care if you have a company or not at this point. You have tried to slip in here under the radar after being legitimately banned for a whole host of very good reasons. You're not coming back until or unless things change drastically. They haven't done that. Consider this new alt banned.


Hello, my name is Raed, I am from Michigan USA.  I find this forum interesting so I would like to joint it.  Thank you.


Welcome to all the new people. is a a great place for discussion of games.


i'm mahdi abedi currently who types this post, but me and my team want to be here and use this account bowth
please register us, thanks


Garnit, Wing of Eternity, Larsku, welcome to the forum!

Larry, I actually think I recognize you. Didn't you once run BlindCoolTech? I downloaded all sorts of podcasts from there back in the day.


Hello, my name is Larry Skutchan.
I have been in the blind computer community for several decades now and want to let folks know about a new web based game we developed at APH.
It is free, and it is located at
There are a few puzzles that come with it, but you can download puzzles from other sites, like New York Times, and use this web site to solve them.
Thanks, and I look forward to learning more about your site.


I like music audio games programming and books of any type. This comunity offers a great range of games and i hope that i can be part of it.


Hi, I’m Garnit.  I have been playing games for quite a while now, but just discovered this forum, and so far I’m having a field day with this website.  Would love to be able to post, ask for any assistance, and share my opinions and any help  I might be able to offer  with everyone else.


Spay, you are now unrestricted. Welcome to the forum.

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