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Hello everyone! We are AudioWizards a new audio game developed by myTrueSound. We plan to use this user to post some updates on the game and read and participate on discussions. This user is moderated by Aleksi and Neva, we're interns at myTrueSound for the summer.


@Fuseblade it seems your strike aimed true, you are now unrestricted.
@nfpbm, which audiogames do you play?


Heller there boys and girls.

I am the almighty Fuseblade! I come to strike up, pun definitely intended, some conversations with our fellow formites and formates. This is only a test, to prove that I still at least have some humanity left. Help us all!

Anyways, in case you couldn't tell by my little minirant, I am in fact human.


only a audiogame player.


vuf, realy, how areyou? I gues you will be banned for soon share the clones. What hapend to your team: D?


Hello, my name is Muhammet. I was born in 2004 and I live in Turkey, I intend to develop my own game. Please confirm me


Hello, my name is Muhammet. I'm developing games on my own. Please let me in and confirm me.


fuck you bilal and mahdi, you 2 basterds, woof


My name is Sky Mundell from Victoria British Columbia. I work as a adaptive technology instructor teaching blind people technology. I heard of a long time ago, since 2002.





lord wrote:

I'm lord. I like play VG. Storm games. And I like the python. But I'm I don't how to code the games. Only I playing. Hapy gaming!


@filip, @GloryMaster, @wildcat123456, @vincent_lg, @Aron Leppik and @lord, you are now all unrestricted, welcome to the forum.


I'm lord. I like play VG. Storm games. And I like the python. But I'm I don't how to code the games. Only I playing. Hapy gaming!



My name is Aron and I'm from Estonia.
I've been blind since birth.
I'm a huge fan of mainstream games like "Mortal Kombat" and "Tekken".
I started playing videogames when I was 3 years old. My sided friend had a Nintendo Wii. The first game we "Playid" was "New super mario bros". We compleeted it. What I later found out was, that he had given me a Wii mote without batarys.
Later I got a Ps2 and.
I'm currently playing RE 6.
I also love to talk a lot and play audio games.

Have a nice day,


I assume, since we can't write posts here, we have to directly reply to this thread.  So here goes!

Hi, this is Vincent.  I'm a blind (and partly deaf) user.  So I might address specific accessibility concerns here, and praise the games I can play to.  Playing audio-only games won't work for me, fortunately, there are solutions and I'm here to talk about them.  I've also worked on a few accessibility projects (I'm still working on some of them, for that matter), so you would place me more among the developers than users in most cases.  But not all!

Hope that's enough for now,


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