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@Belov you are now unrestricted.


I play different games. More in MUD games.
I'm interested in sound design of games and game programming.


@UXVarjo you are now unrestricted.
@Belov what games do you like to play, or what are you looking for?


I'm Leonid from Ukraine.
I'd like to be a member of this forum.


Hi, I'm a UX designer at Frozenbyte and am hoping to learn how to make games more accessible through this forum. I have a lot of questions and will ask for game recommendations etc. I'm here to learn and listen.


@Rich you are now unrestricted.


Just bought code7 and would like a bit of help getting "blind mode" to work.

I've seen various posts here and elsewhere of people having same trouble, but no clear resolution.


@AudioWizards and @Mellowwind you are now unrestricted.


Hi, I'm not a robot. At least I think I'm not a robot.
I'm from Turkey, I'm almost 20 years old. I like watching videos and live streams, reading and writing stories and astrology. Although I can't see them, I have coulrophobia. Please let me post here so I can ask my question about town of salem sad


Hello everyone! We are AudioWizards a new audio game developed by myTrueSound. We plan to use this user to post some updates on the game and read and participate on discussions. This user is moderated by Aleksi and Neva, we're interns at myTrueSound for the summer.


@Fuseblade it seems your strike aimed true, you are now unrestricted.
@nfpbm, which audiogames do you play?


Heller there boys and girls.

I am the almighty Fuseblade! I come to strike up, pun definitely intended, some conversations with our fellow formites and formates. This is only a test, to prove that I still at least have some humanity left. Help us all!

Anyways, in case you couldn't tell by my little minirant, I am in fact human.


only a audiogame player.


vuf, realy, how areyou? I gues you will be banned for soon share the clones. What hapend to your team: D?


Hello, my name is Muhammet. I was born in 2004 and I live in Turkey, I intend to develop my own game. Please confirm me

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