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Hello My name is Theea and I've been browsing this site for years. I love audio games like both manamons, the gate paladin of the sky basically any audio game I'll at least try once. My preffered genre is adventure though. I really don't have anything else to add, but I would hopefully like to become a part of the community and maybe beta test games eventually.


I am currently playing the gate with my brother's key, as I can't get paypal account due to my age and my brother just give me some of he's keys


@George Smith what sorts of games do you like to play?


I am George Smith
I born in united states, Iowa
I am new in blind games community
I bought a computer tree week a go and wanted to register on this forum
I am currently trying to learn bgt and play some games


@labron3: After reviewing your case, we have decided to give you the benefit of the doubt this time, and you have now been unrestricted. Please continue to insure that your password and other sensitive data remains secure, and do not disclose said data to other individuals. Thank you.

@Noah Molteberg Lundén, @aprilaliciap, and @blindside, you have also been unrestricted.


Hi I'm Bryan. I have never interacted on here but have looked for certain things within the forum and used plenty of the links on here for games. Currently trying to get unrestricted so i can ask about a controller config file download for SWAMP. Thanks!


Hi! I’m Alicia and I’m from Sweden. I like to play audio games, sing and play piano. My favorite games are Manamon, Manamon 2, Crazy Party and Quentinc’s Gameroom.


I wonder if the mods saw my introduction?


still wating to be unrestricted though. please unrestricted me, please?


@lopesgamer313, @raphanunes, @Rob, @Weston, @hassan and @Stuhslu, you have now been unrestricted.


Hi there!
Interesting authentication method you got here smile
I‘m a student from Switzerland and I‘m here to learn about inclusive games.


Hello audiogames. My name is Max and i am german and new to audiogaming but like topspeed3 twzn and jim kitchen games. Also I have stupid english and do not know how to improve it realy so sorry about this. But I hope i can still get in can I?


Hi! My name is Noah, im a hobbyist game developer from sweden who is currently working on a 3d adventure audio game. I would like to be unrestricted smile


good day to all modderators, staff, and regular savillions like myself. I would kindly like to ask please, allow me to gane access to post in other pages. this is Labron Minnis, as you all may remember, my account is completely safe, my password is as strong as a locked gate, and no one is getting in, just like no one was able to get in to the sorce code of any of Aaron's games. and speaking of Aaron's games, those are my most favourite kind of games, alongside crazy party, which I play everyday. so again, please, can you moderators allow me? I'll be awaiting your responce, thanks, you can PM me to so that it can be clarifide, thanks so much for your cooperation, thanks!


Hello my name is Hassan. i'm currently a student and like to play audio games like fps and the last thing i want to say is my english is broken but i hope that wont be a big  problem

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