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Hello all,

I recently found out about this awesome community through some very enthusiastic players of The Grail Lords.

The Grail Lords is a small -but active- text based browser game that could use the help of this community to make it more accessible for everybody. I would be happy to get access on this forum so I can post our latest updates and receive -and reply to- the feedback.

Thank you! smile


Hello, grateful for giving me full access to the forum, receive a greeting!


Hi guys, I am new here. My name is Johna. Nice to mee u all.


hi ,iam liam the ranger,iam a blind gamer totely ,and i like bk1 and2 and3  and ahero,s call ,i luv to share my my info with evry butti


You are now all unrestricted. Sorry if some of you have been waiting a while, it has been a busy weekend for me.


Hello, my name is Jesus Blanco I am originally from Mexico and I would like to be part of this great community of audiogamers.
I would love to know more about this project.
Greetings to all!
Please, I apologize, I do not know so much about English, but I am learning.


Hi guys. My name is Malek and i am from the UK. I like RPGs like manamon, as well as games like SBYW


my name is bilal. I'am 14 years old. And I'am game coder


Hi all. My name is Serena. I'm a blind gamer, and love to keep up to date with new and fun things to play. hoping to see some cool new games come into being.


I! I'm Matteo from Italy, and i'm a visually impair. I love audiogames, i've played a lot of them: Bokurano, topspeed, and recently i've realized a podcast in italian for Eurofly.  i like sports like  soccer, bascketball rugby, and from 2014 i practice archery. I hope tis' enought to introduce my self!


Hi, I'm new here. My name is Michael, nice to meet you all.


@mecyblunt @Vulcan_Raven you are both now unrestricted.
@Messyblunt Agreed, this is primarily to stop spambots.
@Vulcan_Raven that's a pretty good list there. ESP Pinball was the first ever audiogame demo (yes, there were separate demos back then) I played, back when it was under ESP Softworks. A Hero's Call, I'd argue, is a game that has effected the community like not many others, everyone came together positively, people were gifting it to each other and I am hoping it changed the community for the better.


Hola amigos, I come here to keep up with favorite audio games, and hope to learn about many more.  I like A heros Call, Fire Fight, ESP Pinball, manamon, and many more


hello, i am steve from manitoba canada. new to the forum and i do understand spammer are ruining the community and we need this procedure to protect it. anyway, nice to meet you all!


@furytornado's  you are now unrestricted. Feel free to explore the deepest threads. If you like chatting, there's a monthly chat each month if you aren't too sure what to talk about. Of course, you can pretty much post a topic about anything in the off topic room.

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