I just had one of the most nerve wracking experiences ever with lone wolf, and I was wondering if anyone could help me ---- otherwise I'm likely to die of nervous tention loooooong before I get through many more missions.

I'd completed the first three missions ---- even getting those bloody destroyers in mission 1, so I thought I'd try out number four, the one where you have to knock out the three moured troop transports, which are being guarded by three destroyers, one patrolling at speed ten, another at speed twenty, and another at speed thirty.

I knocked out the speed 10 destroyer without too much trouble, but of course that meant the other two came and tried to get me, so fill balast and dive dive dive!

I avoided the depth charges, (particularly terrifying out of my sub woofer), then, stil many fathoms below the waves, lined up a perfect shot on the troop carrier.

I waited until the distroyers were gone then surfaced, let fly with torpedos, then Dive! Dive! Dive! once more ----- those distroyers don't go very far.

I had to repeat this nerve wracking process several times ---- sinse I found it nerely impossible to targit either destroyer, sinse they were both mooving bloody fast, and just as i was targiting one, the other came and spotted me.

the mission ended when I did a last quick surface on the final troop transport, then dived to find that I had no batteries left for my engines, so had to sit there, unmoving hoping that Captain Evil Evilstein of the dgood ship Sub crusher was a bad shot.

luckily the transport went down before the not so good captain got me, so I succeeded the mission, though of course being totally out of batteries, I was stuck at about 100 feet, so my crew faced a horrible death.

the point of this long ramble, is:

Has anyone got any tips reguarding targiting fast mooving destroyers? wat's the optimal angle for a torpedo? I know that for the cargo ships at six nots it's about 12 degrees off your bow (depending of course on the ship's course).

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Well, it is a good advice to do not move with full speed, while targeting destroyers.
It also needs really good reflexes.

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