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quag and dac productions merge to form x-sight interactive, a new group of software developers and other skilled people to provide good quality blind software for everyone.
already, acefire has been developed and is being developed more, and two people are being very kind and hosting them on their sites.
in the future, i hope to make games that are already available to sighted users and playstation users. we are bringing home games console entertainment to the computers, as well as some of our own original productions.
if any of you have any questions, you can contact me:
skype: damien_the_demon
e-mail: [email protected]


x-sight interactive manager damien sadler.

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[wow] i think it's time to get... stuff... going... as... well.. i won't give any info about what i will be if i am joined, but... let's just say readme.txt. that's a clue. damien i hope you dont mind me saying that, it's just that i like to tell people about things i might be or am doing (but won't give away secret company info)

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aaron, i'd like a very serious word with you on skype at some point, very serious! as for the rest of the company, yes, we're getting stuff going.

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i know, corry just told me.
talk to you on skype about it.

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