@Gaurav, I'm slightly disturbed that you find the story of a person in a violent and abusive relationship something to laugh at.

While i have my doubts about the validity of all the claims regarding the game itself, (precisely because! of the reports of the abuse, violence, drug use etc. The fact that the poster has been through something fairly nasty is pretty obvious.

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i don't believe if  wh at happened was true though

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I know the person who wrote this. I've spoken to him many times in game when I still played.
I never knew this was going on, but I do believe every word he has written down. As for the blatant favoritism, the skill buffs etc., I totally see that being true as well for I have actually seen that happen from time to time when I was there. This was one of the very first MUDs I ever played and it saddens me to see this side of it, but on the other hand I think I sort of always knew it was there as well. Overall it's just sad.

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@Dark, I agree with you on that. The guy has been through a lot, but if you read the rant once again, you'll come to some parts of it which sound so absurd that they'll make you laugh if you think about them.

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Uh, not really. With dark on this one.

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Yes, this sounds quite disturbing. But a game is the one Thing, and real life is the other. If this Story is true then it surely is not nice what the admins did to that Person and I feel really sorry for him. It may Sound cold, but I think you have to differ between game and real life and this Story is very disturbing but it wouldn't Keep me from playing the game. I am an active larper (LARP: live Action role Play) and there it is the same: If you have an Argument with a Person in the real life you cannot put that in the current LARP session, because this is something that only belongs into real life. But this is just my opinion about things and I do respect the other opinions mentioned in this thread and I do feel really sorry for the Person who experienced this and hope he will get better and live his own life.
Edit: I just talked about the things he wrote about what happened to him in real life and not the things that happened in the game(for example the paying System or that they sold parts of the game) because I do not have an opinion  about that.
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