Just thought I would let everyone know FireFight is back considering I haven't seen a topic on it yet.

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i think this is a general game discussion topic

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Developer of the game said we will open a topic about it when the new update released, So you do not need to open this topic I'd suggest you to delete it already developer will respond here soon as I guess.

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yeah i advice you delete the topick.

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yeah, that's what I did.

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

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I believe the game is not back. it doesn't even connect, so, its not really back. correct me if i'm wrong though

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oh dear, yet more advice to delete a topic from people who aren't mods didn't anybody read aprone's post on another topic recently? tut tut

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kiannosh sed he'll create topic when next update releessed: this topic should move to another room

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