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We have released a binaural detective story last year. The game has real actors, variable endings, atmospheric ambient sound effects and very simple audio user interface.

The game is available only for Android at the moment. I'm trying to get the game into iOS appstore this year. Steam release is also in mind. That way the game could be playable with normal desktop and laptop computers.

The game is paid game application. You can reach more info and the actual game from following links:

Promotional video with 3D sound
Tutorial video
Google Play link

Please enjoy and give us feedback!
We know that the game is not extremely long,
that is due to lack of budget! It took us over 2 years
to finish the game with all the sounds and functions intact.

Ps. There was already one announcement about the game release on this forum, but it had disappeared. This is why I'm posting again.

Best wishes,
Ilpo Jääskeläinen
Finity Games

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