2018-08-14 03:58:18

I should point out that the orientation vectors used here are ... lazy, and so might result in problems (especially with form::rotate).
3dio: Contains 2d/3d geometry, now with groups, holes, and a file format that I think is compatible with the JQ3D editor. The biggest change to the engine itself is that the form interface now has a method for intersection with boxes, instead of just spheres, and attempts at making it play nicer with orientation vectors.

Includes2018: Updates to my other includes. The biggest additions here are keyconfig and BGT2py. The former is supposed to make it easier to do Swamp-style keyconfig, including the user-editable file and the ability to identify keys by name (for instance, for a controls menu or in-game instructions). BGT2py is a quick-and-dirty script for converting bgt files to python. It makes no attempt at perfection, just takes care of the most common differences in syntax. You will still have to edit the resulting python file for things that BGT2py missed. It's more a time-saver than a proper converter.

Oh, I completely forgot to mention the fpsound_pool, which wound up with 3dio because it was supposed to allow bounding shapes (that part doesn't work). It basically tries to do Swamp-style first person sound in the sound_pool, instead of the top-down perspective of the normal sound_pool. I think it still has some bugs,—some of my tests had forward and backward reversed when facing along the z axis, but I'm not sure if that's the sound or if it's the movement code I was using.
The confusing part will be the orientation vectors. In 2d, it's just the unit vector corresponding to the angle, effectively (cos, sin). In 3d, it's messier, because I was too confused by rotation and addition of 3d vectors and instead went with (cos(theta), sin(phi), sin(theta)). Which is to say, x and z are for theta, and y is for elevation (phi). Since audio games almost never use elevation, an orientation vector might just be (cosine(theta), 0, sine(theta)). Since this was such a headache with the sum_angle and dif_angle functions, I included variations on those that take the numbers directly, instead of the vectors, but it still returns a 2d vector you'd need to convert
Math contains several new functions for all these angle and rotation shenanigans. See sum_angle, dif_angle, and rotate3d. I found that using sum_angle on very small angles didn't seem to have any effect, so it's certainly still somewhat buggy.

And there are some additions to stdlib, an nv(x, y, z) function for quicker vector creation, whatever.

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2018-08-14 04:14:28

Wow, BGT into python? I never thought I'd see the day. Now if we just had a tool to write code for us, so we don't have to do the work!
Really neat includes!

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2018-08-14 05:00:33

Thanks smile

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are you still shipping soundtrack2 with it? I made a modification of that and added an additive framework but I was working on a slightly out of date version and edited syntax so... If you could help me add bending to it and maybe get this framework into your include as soundtrack3 or soundtrackX or something like that that'd be nice. Use forum email to contact me privately. Currently my note to frequency function is nuts and my generate harmonics doesn't support bending so, and of course I'd want the bend to go all at once and not fuck up the disposition during the slide so yeah, not quite that easy, least for me. I've changed the syntax to mml type, with lowewrcase notes and p to r and the ability to use the default length with rests and things like that.

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very good

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4: IIRC, soundtrack2 is in includes2018, yes.
5: Thanks smile.

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2018-08-15 09:32:29

Hi there. I think you would better provide a read me for some of those new added codes, Including that key config include. For example i don't know what I should write in the parsed file that loads as key config's data. Like
or move_forward:w
How does this one work please?

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