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The scroll reads:
Welcome, adventurer. If you've found this, your chances of success have greatly increased. This collection of scrolls is ment to surve as a detailed map and guide through the tombs. Many an explorer has attempted the jurny with no knowledge of what awaits them, and met a horrible demise. These written records should help you obtain the hidden treasures of these tombs without donating them back by being killed later.
++What is this game even supposed to be?
Tomb hunter is not actually a shooter in which you hunt the fabled terribly old mythical bison, nore is it a racing game in which you chase an underground building that suddenly gains wanderlust. It is a side scrolling action/adventure game in which you run, jump, climb and battle your way through 30 levels of action and treasure packed fun, trying to pilfer as much loot as possible while avoiding an untimely death by the tomb's many guardians and traps!
Please note: This is going to be a detailed walkthrough of all 30 levels, so consider this as one giant spoiler. I will list the behavior of new enemies or traps as they are introduced, but I won't go over keystrokes or things like that as the readme already does a good job of it.
When walking, your character simply moves in that direction at a constant speed. Should you start running, your character needs about 5 steps until he has reached his maximum speed. If you jump while at maximum speed, your jumps will have the greatest length they can have.
Tomb 1: This first tomb is ment to get you started, and stays pretty consistent just about all the way through.
Level 1: This first level introduces many things you will see often in the game such as climing stairs or ropes, fire, weapons and potions.
Terrain: This is simply stuff you can walk on. It won't hurt you, slow you down, or anything else. It may be anything from sand, to stone, water, etc.
Stairs/ladders: These are things you can climb or descend, taking you to new areas.
Fire: Deadly pits of flame you should take care to jump over.
Ledge: Ledges are usually put near hazzards, though sometimes they simply mean the end of the platform you're on. If you step off a ledge, you will often fall.
Rope: Ropes work much like stairs and ladders. However, the difference between them is that ropes make a sound, and are typically located over large drops or hazzards.
Skeleton: These are patrolling enemies. They usually just walk left to right on a speciffic area and won't chace you if you try to flee.
Potion: Potions restore some health when used. They will also cure poison. Potions are able to take you over your starting 300 health as well.
Scroll: It is important that you find the scroll of each level. You need the scroll from each level to have any hope of completing the game.
Snake: Snakes function much like skeletons, however they can also be stationary. One thing to watch out for when dealing with snakes is the fact that they can poison you if you touch them. Poison must be cured using a potion.
Sword: These are your first weapons. They are simply thrown in front of you and kill all enemies in range. A sword can only be thrown once, so use them sparingly.
Level portal: Located at the end of every level, the portal takes you to the next level. Please make sure you've finished your business in the current level before taking the portal, as you will not be able to go back to collect unlooted scrolls!
First, go forward, and climb the stairs. Jump the fire pit, and move to the ledge.
Jump off the ledge, and try to hit the rope. If you can't, you will fall about 10 feat, though nothing bad will happen here as the drop isn't deep. These ropes will be a lot less forgiving later, so make sure you can figure out how to jump on them.
Regardless of what happened, you must take the ladder to your right. So either walk along the ground or jump from the top of the rope to get on it, then take it all the way up.
Next are two fire pits. Easy stuff, simply pick up some speed a few steps before them, then jump over them.
Here is your first enemy, a patrolling skeleton. He patrols the entire area here from left to right. Get the potions you here and jump over him, you can't kill him yet.
However, don't jump on the rope yet. The scroll for level 1 is located near to the right wall of this area, so grab it, then jump on the rope.
This next area is a pain. You have two unmoving snakes, which you have to jump over. Unfortunately, one is located right on the ledge you land on, so it's likely you will be poisoned here. Should you land on the snake, just use one of the potions you picked up.
Get past the snakes, then up the stairs. To your right are three skeletons guarding two swords, with the third moving slightly faster than the others. Pick up the swords and then you can either kill the skeletons for giving you so much trouble, or simply save your weapons for later and keep walking.
There is a moving snake up the next staircase, so watch out while crossing this area.
After climbing the last staircase, the tomb turns to the left, with two snakes patrolling in front of you. This is where a spare sword will come in handy should you possess one and don't wish to be poisoned.
Should you get past the patrolling snakes, the portal is hovering in the air, so get under it and jump to enter the next level.
Level 2: Here, treasure is introduced, as well as getting you familiar with more of the concepts seen in level 1.
Stream: Streams have currents that push you quickly in the direction they are going. For some reason, these currents are also air currents rather than just rappidly moving water, as they still effect you while in the air. These often contain treasures or other useful items. Note that if you run against the current at max speed and jump continuusly, you will move faster than the current, thus being able to retrieve all items there.
Gold: Gold is treasure you can find. It has no other use at this time.
Gem: Gems are treasures you can find. They have no other use at this time.
Lava: Lava works much like fire, although lava pits are typically much bigger and require other methods to cross rather than a simple jump.
Vanishing platform: Usually set over large hazzards or drops. They appear for a short amount of time at regular intervals. While they are there, they make a humming sound. Get across them before they disappear or you fall into whatever is below.
This level starts off going left. As you walk, you will encounter a stream.
In it you will find gems, gold, and a potion. However, the gems are in the air meaning you must jump while the in the current to grab them. Should you miss anything, simply go against the current to pick it up.
After the stream is a large pit of lava. There is a bridge going across it. Jump on the rope over the ledge, and climb it.
Jump off the rope and to your left to hopefully land on the bridge, then run across it to the next rope.
Climb that rope to the top again, and repeat. You will land on another bridge.
There is unfortunately no way to leave this bridge other than falling the 15 feat onto the ledge, but on the bright side, you've crossed the pit.
That's alright, because there are two skeletons here to ruin your day! get past them any way you can, and then start walking down the left ladder.
Watch out here, as the bottum of the ladder is on fire. A drop height of about 8 feat to the left and down should be fine if you want to avoid the hazzard. You will take some damage, but I don't think this can be avoided.
Get past the patrolling skeleton and down the ladder. Here is a sword guarded by a patrolling snake and yet another ladder.
Once you reach the bottum, the path branches. Go left first. Jump onto the platform while it is there, move a few steps to the left, and jump off again. You will find two more swords and this level's scroll.
Backtrack to the ladder you used to get down here, and get past the two patrolling snakes.
Descend the next ladder. The level portal is located over a chasm with a vanishing platform on it. Wait till the platform appears, jump on it, then run underneath the portal and jump to enter it. If you need more time, you can also jump off the right of the platform and land in a safe area.
Level 3: A welcome break, this level seams a bit easier than the last two and also has some useful items in it.
Deep water: The spyglass detects deep water as "swimming". Once you enter, you will hear a small bubble sound to notify you. You can't hold down the arrow keys to move while in water. You also can't jump and you move slower than normal. Finally, you may drown if you stay in the water for too long. Luckally, it's not all bad, because these waters often contain treasure or other goodies for you to loot.
Extra life: That's right, you don't have to rely on these four lives to get you through all 30 levels. You are able to find these skattered throughout to give you more chances encase you die.
Spider: Spiders are fast moving enemies. They are also pretty quiet, making it slightly harder to kill or avoid them.
The level begins with a dirt patch leading to a section of deep water. Swim across, collecting the gold, potions, and lives. A ladder leads out of the water and into the next area.
There are some skeletons patrolling here, but also three swords for you to pick up. This is a good opertunity to restock on weapons, you're likely to need them.
Next up is an area with snakes and spiders patrolling, and two gems floating in the air. I usually just use one of the swords I gained earlier and kill the enemies, but feel free to get past them any way you wish.
The final area just contains one snake, a potion, a scroll and an extra life. Make sure to get the scroll and the other goodies, then jump under the level portal.
Tomb 2: The 2nd tomb is a lot shorter than the first, only having two short levels. However, those levels are picking up in difficulty as well.
Level 4: This level is shorter than the others, however it can also be very hard depending on how you play it.
Maglev: A maglev is a strange kind of magnetic stream that transports you vertically in the direction they go in. Once you step into a maglev, you will lose control of your character until he reaches the top. Note that some maglevs contain enemies or items, so be careful.
This level starts off with a staircase leading to an area filled with snakes, skeletons, and two fire pits. This part can be a royal pain if you don't have swords, but if you do it can be a lot easier. Regardless, pass the hazzards and take the maglev.
Once you reach the top, get past the patrolling spiders. Move past the ladder you find and pick up the potion, scroll, and floating gems. You may hear other treasure, you can't get those goodies yet as they are above you.
Go back to the ladder and climb it. Cross the fire pit with the aid of a vanishing platform, pick up the gold and gems, and jump off the ledge onto the rope.
Below the rope is a fire pit, so climb down to about 6 feat above, then jump off to the right. This game seams way too fond of putting ropes above fire.
The final area of level 4 is reached by descending the ladder. It's filled with snakes and spiders, so watch yourself. Pass the enemies and jump into the portal.
Level 5: Compared to some of the other levels this one is quite bland and uninteresting, though still a challenge.
Forcefield: Forcefields appear and disappear at regular intervals. If you run into them, you take damage and you will be thrown back.
Your character starts out on a sandy area with skeletons patrolling and forcefields in his way. Move past the forcefields while they aren't active, and pass the skeletons any way you can.
Next up is a collection of chasms. All of them are 10 feat across and have a vanishing platform above them. Jump onto each platform while it's active, but make sure to normally fall onto the next ledge rather than jumping, as you may end up jumping into the next chasm by accident. Should you pass these chasms, the scroll for level 5 is just waiting for you to pick it up.
The ladder after that takes you to an area which seams quite quiet, nothing is... youtch! snake ambush! As soon as you're about half way to the next ladder, a lot of snakes will spawn around you. Get clear of them and get to the next ladder.
You'll find a group of skeletons patrolling the next area. These move a lot faster than the skeletons you're used to, so be careful.
After clearing the skeletons, you'll find yet another ladder and surprise! more places patrolled by enemies. This time, it's snakes, but you can also find a sword and potions here.
No more enemies for now, but in exchange, you'll get two forcefields. These forcefields are larger than the ones you've encountered earlier, and the way this works is the spyglass only tells you the center of the field, so the surrounding tiles may be effected as well should a forcefield become active.
Move to the first field while it's active till you hear yourself standing very close to it, then just run like hell when you're past. Repeat for the second field and climb the ladder.
Now, you're home free. Simply take the maglev, then run to the right and into the portal once it's done.
Level 6:
Level 6:
Moving platforms: I can't call these anything else, because that's what they seam to be. They move you in the direction they go in as soon as you jump on them.
To your left is an arrangement of moving platforms over a large pit. Take the platforms, and jump onto the next when you reach the beeping sound. If you don't jump, the platform will simply throw you off and you land in the hazzard.
Once you jump off the 2nd platform, you land in deep water. There are items here, but also a forcefield, so watch out.
Past the water you are greeted once more by skeletons and snakes. Pass them to the left and descend the ladder for...
Some freebees! There are potions and a sword just lying there, so pick them up.
Ok, here comes the first really anoying and rage inducing part of the game. In front of you is a huge pit. There are three ropes in it, descending towards the left. The top and right most one is the one you can hear right now. Make a jump for that rope.
Now, climb down until the spyglass reports something at 10 feat looking down. You should hear another rope off to your left and below you. Make a jump for it, and try to aline yourself with it as best as you can because it's game over here if you miss the jump and fail to realine yourself in time.
On this second rope is the scroll. Climb to grab it, then repeat the 10 feat scanning with the first rope. You'll hear the third and final rope on your left, so go for it.
Once you're on that rope, climb down again until the spyglass reports something at 10 feat, then use potions, if you have any. There's a long fall coming up and you'll want some health to act as a cover.
Simply jump left away from the rope, and you should fall onto a moving platform. Asooming you're still alive, take the platforms as far left as you can. Do what we did earlier with the beep sounds, and should you be injured, take some more potions if you have them because...
The final platform drops you right into a nest of skeletons and snakes. Fight your way clear any way you can, and make a dash for the level portal at the right side of the room. All the enemies patrol all the way from left to right, so watch yourself.
The free demo ends here. The game continues if your copy is registered.
To be continued on release...

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