Recently I created a similar topic.
I'm interested in dating with American people. For new friends and also I'm interested in girls for serious relationship.
Earlier, here I was advised by OkCupid. But I see that this is not effective.
I wrote to many people, but only a few answered me.
I would like to develop a dating site for the blind, but it will not be soon.
Here is my question:
How can I meet American people?
It can be like people who are visually impaired, and not.
What groups in Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, sites can you advise?
About dating with not blind, I know only about OkCupid.
I will be happy with any information.
Thanks in advance!

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This site has everything you need to know.

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I'm wating for other answers

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@ironcross32 LOL. Sums it up perfectly.

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Thought it might XDXDXD

I'm a cat! What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine to :P XD

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Dating is, generally speaking, a bit of a crap shoot regardless of where you go. There are a number of other sites around but many of those sites can be filled with fake profiles, cat fishing, scams, etc. Then theres the lingering question of if those are predatory sites that directly benefit by keeping their users single and or in relationships they know won't last, and thus repeat customers, along with whoring your personal information to the highest bidder when signing up thats become all too common with "free" services. I'm not sure how helpful people can be with that, other than asking if anyone here is interested in dating.

Now, your not the first to come up with the idea of a blind dating service. Other than hitting those up or looking around other forums like at AFB or the RNIB for singles, you could try hanging around a few places that interest you and casually! letting people know your single and interested, I've heard of people who've gotten married after meeting on World of Warcraft for example, or meeting at conventions, participating in game jams, etc.

Some of these may also prove useful:

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[online dating service for the blind]
[Online dating for visually impaired people]
[what is it like to date while blind]

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