So  for anyone who doesn't know, I'm Dingo.  If you played me in online games, you know that I almost never lose. I have played close to 100 minigame parties, and I think I've only lost about 15, maybe even less than that.  As I've listened to some of the recordings in crazy party, I've seen people make the same mistakes over and over again,  so I'm thinking of making a strategy guide for the game.  It would be as complete as I can make it, I have unlocked all minigames after all,  and I will also make sure to go back and edit and/or clean up any typos, spelling mistakes, grammar issues, etc.

So what would this walkthrough actually include?

  1. A list of all mini games, groupped by world  and their alternative paths, if available.

  2. Things that I found  to work 99% of the time, this will not  be available for  all games,  simply because some of them are self-explanatory.

  3. Time to complete each minigame.

  4. Scoring method in each mini game.[][]For example, in small car driver, the scoring depends on an object's movement, not on the player,  while in volcanic zone, the scoring is dependent on  how far the player manages to walk.

  5. Updated information. If a game changes, and I see the change, I will adjust the walkthrough accordingly.

  6. Differences between normal and hard-core mode, if any.

  7. Some things that I'm probably not thinking of right now.

So, would anyone actually use this thing?
One more thing. This walkthrough might take a bit, simply because I'm not at my computer most of the week. I don't want people posting in the topic and asking me on the progress. I will make sure to update  this topic if there is a change to the guide.  So yeah, vote, post  suggestions, do what you do.

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would this include battle, or only mini games?

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Yes definitely, I'd love to have this!

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Post 2, only minigames. Battle always puts me to sleep.

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Is the walkthroughs going to be in audio format, or text?

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I'm fairly good at mini games myself, so I could potentially help you out, but it's battles. I tried it a few times, but I just don't seem to get it or something. if only there was a battle guide somewhere, I'd give it yet another go. smile

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@5, text because 1, I don't really have a mike on hand, and 2, where would I host it?
@6, I'll keep that in mind

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Oh Yeah, that would be amazing! Love the idea! I'm sure you would help a lot of People. I don't even know half the differences between hardcor and normal, so this would be very useful for me!

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Hell, yes. I cast my vote above, but I've been looking for something like this.

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