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I don't really have a fixed username on everything, but lets just say that on most first person shooters I come on as loader, crazy party is DarknessSupertastica, and if anything it could be ferum, or farum, or fairym, or anything of the sorts, including Ferumite.

Kind regards
Follow me on twitter. @ferumite666
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Here are mine:
Alter Aeon: Mata, Yarzar, Suresh, Vamya, Vider, Sereas, Artus (probably won't make more).
Cyber Assault: ManiMata, Artus, Vide, Randi, Koten, Rydo, Gantini
Clok: Artus, Vide, Farren
Frandum: Mata (there will possibly be more).
4d: Sereas
playroom: ManiMata
Rs: Walker (I think)
Puppet nightmares: Mata
Kingdom of Loathing: Gantini
Fs: Morda
Inferno: Morda

Other than these, I usually go by one or more of the above names.

My sskype : mars.bhuntamata, add away buddy. If you think you are crazy, I am as well. I may be even crazier, who knows.

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Just to confuse everyone, I also go by the name charlie on most games, and sometimes DarfVader, yes, I know, the spelling is horrible, but it’s the name i’ve Stuck with for a while now.

The answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42.

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BlindKnight on Swamp, Hearthstone on Alter Aeon, and JB77 on Kingdom of Loathing.

Kingdom of Loathing name JB77

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Hi, my name in Second Life is: CeleneHighwater

That's pretty much the only one I play with a user name. smile

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Hi. I mostly go by either brendan3248, dagger or daggerixur.
So let's see: Redspot =daggerixur, rs games =daggerixur and QCGR =Brendan3248.

That's pretty much the extent of online/multyplayer games I play right now since I have started playing A Hero's Call a few weeks ago, but that's a topic for another time.
Please forgive my rambling, it tends to happen sometimes. I wasn't raised that way, it's just that my mouth runs ahead of my brain some days...
And I'm shutting up now, I prommis.

I stand for truth, justice and fareness, so... "Die bitches!"

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I'm known by a variety of names in games.
In alteraeon I have 2 characters, Jepa and Noitcurtser.
I use the name jesseleivo on a lot of other games too
Sometimes, I also go with the name Kuolema
Recently, i've started using the name Irroadium in a few games such as the killer. I know, a Manamon rip off big_smile But I like Manamon and I play it alot smile

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I'm Tristan in all games, usually With numbers after Tristan.
It's usually either Tristan, Tristan13 or Tristan04.

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On Alter and Clok, it's Uair. I forget what it is on Cosmic Rage. On Arion its Devin.

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I'm Austin Grace. I'm austingrace on different things. Not sure what though. LOL I never have been the best at making user names or anything. Also I'm TheBlade on redspot

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I now use x0 primarily when I can, trouble is that most things don't let you have a name that short. So some other aliases are: Ultron, ultrasound, omega, or if it's a really old account Colton or coltonhill01. Also if I ever log onto alter it's zehnomore. Other places if there's a number in my username it'll be 1372.

An anomaly in the matrix. An error in existence. A being who cannot get inside the goddamn box! A.K.A. Me.

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aarush here.
well, i am not quite an experienced guy on games since i came on in only like early 2017s. still, i  plaly quite a few multiplayer audio games. and these are the names i remember keeping.
Quent in sea: Hardy_boy_aarush
RS games:aarush
crazy party: hardy_boy
in most FPS's, i usually use the name godfather, or godfather aarush, or in some more gangster based games stuff, i use mob leader godfather aarush.
That's all of the names i remember keeping for now.

Hay guys, I am a blind guy as most of you guys would be knowing since, well, i am here. Anyway, i have a blog: www.aarush.biz. please read it and I will  be active sharing my views there soon.
Feel the rath of the godfather! he's death himself!

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In most games I'm known as SLJ, or other times Soren.
XBox Gamertag which I just have got up and running:

Best regards SLJ.
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Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
Happy gaming... :D

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