it seems that masroor wants this topic ahead of all of the topics at the dev room.
when aprone decides, he will release the game. weather its development completed or not.

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high visualstudio yes i agree to you

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high guys i don't want to miss my topic until this game release.
any status about this project?

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No sir smile

These days I've only had time to work on one project at a time, and even then I don't get to work every day.  With Swamp back up and running, I've been putting the time I Do have into it.  Eventually I will get back to working on the new game though.

- Aprone
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So, will this game allow you to be able to customise things, kind of like in community fued? It would be cool to be able to make our own equipment, foods, and the like.

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cool, keepe it up

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hello guys how it is going?

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This guy desperately yearns to be an underpaid, overworked corporate drone, being treated like a disposable object by his barely trained and over stressed manager and constantly acquiescing to the demands of every terrible person who abuses him just to make the customer happy, earning barely enough from his hard and thankless job to live in a shitty apartment in a bad part of town and eating only cheap, nutritionally deficient foods every day of every week, with no money to do anything he wants.

This... -- Is CNN'.
Well Ted, it sure looks like there's been uh, quite a bit of violence around here
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Yeah it was, pretty bad.

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... or to be their boss.

- Aprone
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Every time he asks, a month gets added XDXDXD

The bipeds think this place belongs to them, how cute.

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Don't  do that, am desperate to try the thing out big_smile

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high excuse me for my posts but i don't want to miss this topic
how it is going?

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high what the status of this game?

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I think this guy should be banned for his disrespectful attitude towards development, and developers. at the very least, given a harsh talking to, reporting.

The bipeds think this place belongs to them, how cute.

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@masroor.rahmani I have been through this topic, there are I believe 32 out of currently 90 posts in which you ask Aprone how development of the game is going, or post some other random comment just to bump this topic to the top of the topic list, which means at least one in three posts in this entire topic is you pestering a developer to release a game.

Like any other game, it'll be released when it is ready, and all pestering Aprone like this does is mean that he's having to take time away from writing game code to read your constant requests for the game, heck I wouldn't blaime him at this point if he was so sick of the game due to your constant questions that he gave up development entirely!

We have a question about this in the faq question 41 Read it here

So here is an official warning. Anymore posts by you simply asking "when will this game be released" you'll be temporarily banned from the forum.

Sorry to be this harsh,  but this is frankly ridiculous.

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I just saw this topic reappear. I can't believe this guy is still acting like that! Games don't get developed by having somebody with nothing better to do constantly pestering you! I hope aprone makes this game, but if he is sick of the idea after all that, I wouldn't blame him if he scrapped everything to do with the fast food project.

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oh thanks @91, that was long overdue, and something I'd have done ages ago already smile

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the ammount of messages he sent were absolutely rediculous
i feel you were right in your desition
and aprone, keep up the grate work
i have played all of your games and there all exilent
from my brief stint in to coding, i understand how difficult it is to A find time to work on a project and b to actualley get it up and running, sorry for the long poast
and all of the 3000 spelling erors, shane

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94 (edited by Munawar 2018-07-29 10:48:40)

I've seen this happen over and over: OP posts, people complain, the topic dies; OP posts, people complain, etc.

Can't the mods just close or delete the topic...? Problem solved.

In fact, now that Dark has posted here I'm rather surprised he didn't close the topic... o.o

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