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Or, if you want to be totally lazy and cheat, you can just use the gameshark code to walk through walls and head strait east from the entrance to ice path into Blackthorn. Once the music changes to the blackthorn theme, you can use fly and fly to the city normally. I've managed to complete it without doing that, but it took wayyy too long, and I just didn't enjoy it.
Oh, quick edit, keep in mind if you do that you're gonna miss out on something that could be important. It's been a little while though so I can't remember what it was.

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The important thing is the HM07 that will be needed later.

English is not my native language. Thanks.

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My cousin and I did plenty of sharking when I was younger, mostly for unobtainable pokemon. That was when i played more actively and kept up to date. But I always feel like my accomplishments aren't that special if i cheat to get them

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can i get a link to that cheat?

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I agree the boulders are hard, I only managed to push one of them in a hole for the moment. The others I try to do the exact same as in the walkthrough I found, but there is always a point where the boulder gets stuck. I guess it's also a matter of pushing them in the right order. At least it seems there are several possibilities, because the one I managed to push wasn't the first to be indicated in the walkthrough.

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I am now in Ilex Forest where I have to bring Farfetch back to his trainer. I just do not understand how to take him to the right place. Can someone help me?

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Copied from an earlier post in this topic. Use the search function:
Okay.  farfech'd.  here's exactly how to do it
if you just entered the forest
1.  use pathfinder to find farfech'd and talk to it
2.  repeat above. 
at this point, farfech'd will be, according to pathfinder, 3 up, five right.  If you have attempted this before, get farfech'd to this point.  I'm sorry, I don't remember how.  I do know with some patients, you can, using pathfinder, get him to here.  You're looking, again, for pathfinder to tell you he is 3 up, five right.  If this is your first time and have been following these instructions, you should be here.  If you're not, again, have patients and try to get him here.  it's almost over.
3.  go 3 up, 6 right, 1 down, press left.  This will put farfech'd on your left.
4.  talk to farfech'd
5.  go 1 up, 6 left, 1 down.
6. talk to farfech'd
7. Go 4 down.
8. talk to farfech'd
9. go 2 down, 1 left, 4 down, 3 left, 1 down
10. talk to farfech'd
at this point, if you press j or l a few times, blackbelt should be one of your options on the map.  go talk to him and get cut.  I hope that helps.  I was going to write vague instructions, but realized that wouldn't help much, so, I went through and documented step by step.  thank god for earlier saves.

I would like to rage.

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I am now at lake of rage. But how do I get to the water where I have to catch Gyarados? I can not find it ...

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I managed to get to hidden power house, but how do I walk from there to the water? Can someone help?
Very thanks wink

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Try talking to the people hanging around the lake.

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Hi all,

I have a big problem with the game, too. I absolutely don't know what to do now. I'm in the ice world where you have to move the boulders. But I don't know how to move it to the right place. Of course I know that they move when walking on them but I really am lost now.
Help would be really wonderful!


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you must cheat or visual people help.

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