I have a manual for the old microsoft dos operating system humanware pulsedata keysoft program. I want to preserve it for historical purposes. this txt or text file has a bunch of ansi ascii 0's and other characters that i suspect are binary characters used to tell keysoft how to read the file. but keysoft is a demo. it cannot be registered anymore therefore it cannot re-save the files as plain old text even if it could. I installed notepad3 on my windows10 computer and told it to replace the standard notepad. notepad3 is free. pretty accessible also. has lots of text manipulation tools in it. so my question is how can i best clean out the binary ansi ascii junk in these files? sometimes there are ascii 0's NVDA reads them as blank. then there may be 10 uppercase A's in a row and other characters. I can get the ansi values of these characters with NVDA though. I want them gone, maybe replace them with one single space. any ideas on cleaning up these old files? i then want to use wordpad and re-save them as modern .docx files then use send to braille and put them into the new ueb contracted braille for reading on my orbit reader 20. ideas?

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You shouldn't remove this content, since it probably denotes formatting.
If you can upoad it somewhere, I'll see about running it through a braille note and converting to something a bit more modern.

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ok. here is a link to the file. inside the zip file are the files i want to have converted to a more modern format.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-JTVI … W6x0NjTH_F

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