The awesome zombie maker and dominator Aprone have started to work on Swamp again. Maybe because the bloodthirsty zombies started to brake too many windows in his wearhouse or started to overrun the trailer on his truck? We don't know for sure. But he have started to update this old, awesome and very popular game again. Please read on to learn more about what happens out in the Swamp!

The CTF (capture the flag) missions has been updated.

Now you can play the CTF missions with bots. This is really great if you wanna play the missions with some friends and you aren't enough people to make it fun. You can also play it with bots only, so you only are yourself and a bot.
We got this awesome new thing added, because Aprone gave us a challenge. He ran an event, where the task was to kill 1000000 zombies in one month, and we did it! Could you imagine people going crazy? People ran wearhouse killing missions and people went totally crazy and blasted the zombies both in and outside the wearhouses. It was great fun. So, we got our reward. Here is the official post from Aprone:

To reward players for the million zombie challenge, the server has been updated to add in a team of 10 AI controlled bots.  These 10 bots (Stonedust, Magicdust, Coaldust, Golddust, Bonedust, Sawdust, Chalkdust, Cricketdust, Metaldust, and Claydust) will automatically jump into launched CTF missions, to balance the teams.  In the past if you got together 2 friends and wanted to play a CTF match, your only option would be a boring 2 verses 1 match.  With the introduction of these bots, you could choose to have all 3 of you on one team, and 3 bots would be added to fill in on the other team.  So the same 3 friends would now be able to have up to a 3 verses 3 game without needing to convince anyone else to join in.
I sincerely hope this will breathe some new life into the CTF matches.  I've always thought it would be cool if we had an actual league, with teams that competed in official tournaments.  We never had enough interest to make that happen, but maybe by some small chance this will help push us in that direction.


If you haven't played Swamp for very long time, then the quests might be a new thing to you. There are actually a lot of different quests in the game, which gives you some different tasks which you need to do before the time is up. I won't spoil any of those quests, but there is a lot of fun to check out.
When you have completed enough quests which gives you quest points in reward, you can spent some points and write an awesome description for your character.

The brutal Behemoth zombie has waken!

Have you ever heard about the Behemoth zombie before? This is one of the most brutal and wild zombies ever seen in the Swamp. This zombie is now to be found in the offline single player mode. Here is the note from the changelog:

- In single player, if you choose to play on the map named Future, you will have an extra special challenge.  A lone Behemoth roams this combination of maps 1 and 2, years after the Swamp we already know.  Here are a few tips:  You aren't going to outrun that beast in an open field.  It isn't able to make sharp turns, especially when it's moving fast.  It can and will literally smash through buildings, though doing so slows it down, and may give you a chance to escape.  It has a lot of health.

Save up a lot of lootpoints and gain titles.

If you haven't played Swamp in ages, you might not know about this: If you don't like the hardcore mode, you can save up lootpoints instead, and then convert them into a title. As you might have guessed already, lootpoints are saved up by looting. Sounds easy? Sure it is, but it takes very long time.

So, there are a lot of reasons to start playing Swamp again. Aprone is currently working on a new client update, so more great stuff is coming. Maybe you'll meet the Behemoth zombie online as well? You'll never know... I should not forget to mention that random events might happen, where you will found unique items out in the Swamp. When Aprone is in good mood, then he gives out a random gift to all players who are currently online.

So please join and have a lot of fun, while chatting, blasting zombies, looting, upgrading your characters, showing whos the boss in the hardcore mode, do quests, wearhouse missions, CTF missions, defender missions, sniping missions and all the other great stuff Swamp have to offer.

See you in the Swamp soon...

Best regards SLJ.
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As it's been a while since I've played, what does the offline mode now include, apart from the new behomoth? Is it questing or is it choosing a map and surviving?

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It's been a while since I last played, so will definitely do so again.  Life has been a bit hectic with a new job starting up, so I've not had as much time to spend on here as I'd like.

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Thanks for the news Slj 
this sounds awesome, I need to give swamp another try myself as its been a while since I played. I had done a few  quests and things and was working out my close quarter tactics in areas like the hospital, but I imagine it'll take a while to get back whatever groove I had, still i'm rather busy ith work at the moment (hence my own lack of news posting), but maybe when that is done I can releive the stress with a bit of zombi slaughter big_smile.

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@Aaron: The offline gameplay doesn't include any interesting things than the new zombie other than exploring the maps, test the weapons and armor.
@Dan_C: Awesome that you'll consider playing the game again. I'm sure you'll have fun.
@Dark: You're welcome. I'm glad you like the news.
Regarding the areas like the hospital, I'll recommend you to use the hammer.

Best regards SLJ.
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Yeah, I simply must get back into swamp some time.
For some reason it seems extremely fun. smile
Also the behemoth is fun to play with. I was able to kill it just once.

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ok, [wow] slj dude you had me practicly hypnotised to that. And ok is there going to be more keyboard access, for so far when i played it last i had to give my thumb a hard time by holding it on the various mouse buttons. It is a good game i mous say, aprone is unbelievably good. Lol no one had told me that game was done by him, people wouldn't shut up till i'd played it. Come on aprone, do more games.

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Ooh, interesting! I might have to pop back in. Haven't played in ages. Hope my account hasn't been perged or anything.

Is taking on the Behemoth a co-op thing or a 1 person job?

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No worries truecraig, the accounts never get purged.  At the moment the behemoth is a 1 person job, but I intend to incorporate it into multiplayer with future updates.

- Aprone
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@Aprone: Ah, yes, I just re-read. I understand now. My bad smile

I'll give it a go as soon as I can get the patch downloaded. I assume it's that one, right?

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