@1448 I bet your antivirus deleted it.

The bipeds think this place belongs to them, how cute.

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yeah sounds like it , no exe file means your anti firus acting up big_smile

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Try to message me, maybe I could make it to work somehow and read them....

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I found his Skype just fine.


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Hello. I have such an offer. I propose to link the sound environment of the airports not to the continents, but to countries, as it is done with music files. The fact is that it's a bit strange, for example, when you are in Israel to hear announcements at the airport in Chinese.

sorry for my English

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Hello People!
I want to ask you all something.
A friend of mine is working on some airplanes for Eurofly that are flown by Austrian Airlines.
If you are interested, just post here, I will tell him and he'll see what he can do and how he can get the files on the Forum/to the People who are interested.

Happy gaming!

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I'm just going to sleep...

Today, is better, than yesterdday!
God bless you, a lot of mersy.
Gracias, thank you, your welcome, thumbs up, what ever, Luis Carlos. Have an awesome day!

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Hey. This topic has been inactive for about 4 months now. I have some suggestions. First, we should put the intercome sounds, like the sound when the pilot/flight attendant goes on the Intercome. Also, I would like to see planes that major airlines fly, such as Delta Airlines, Southwest, etc. Also, I would like to hear myself on the Intercom after I speak. For example, I speak into the Intercom. After I let go of the button, it will play a version, like the version on the airplane.

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Hi all,

I just started to play this game again and was happy to see the new task packs.

However for some reason the turbo speed function does not work on them,  any ideas why?

Also I tried to counter act it by editing the airbus a320 notepad file to have a max speed of 10k but when I start the game the default 850 speed is still active.

playing the game in real time is so slow lol,  any help would be appreciated.

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Some task packs don't allow you to use Turbo, that's all.

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ok thanks,

but how come It don't effect the aircraft file when I alter the max speed? is there a different aircraft folder for each pack?

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Game automatically downloads specifications so players can't cheat.

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hey I'm uisng the 2.0 version or what ever hte newest one is. it says i need to go to holic but holic isn't on my list of destiantions. what do i do?

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I have a question. If I have to drop passengers at a certain place, and then pick up new ones, Do I have to go to a spaciffic gate like the first time around? Also do I have to switch back to ground control?

Audio game king

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Hello,Switch to ground control, go to parking position, open doors, press ctrl w. Passengers will be dropped off. Then press ctrl w again to request gate number Go to that gate and continue as usual.

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any one have an answer to my question?Please?

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Does someone have a copy of this game somewhere that they could send to me, or a new link? The link is broken. THANKS!

Crimson Underground

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hello, you can get the game from this link with other addons there too.
http://www.stefankiss.sk/modules.php?na … amp;lng=en

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