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first of all, please don't confuse paid to play with pay to play. Cause this game is rather interesting.

Alright, lets talk brastacks.

Corporationmaster is an online economy, strategy and war game, while being very casual. You can do the stuff in just a few clicks a day. Allthough, this is my experience right now, i am also still exploring the stuff. One thing wich you have to do, is working. This will get you productivity points. With this productivity points, your local currency wage will be calculated. This local currency is called cmc. When you work each day, this slowly will build up. With this cmc, you can buy several items ingame, like hemb oil, wich is required for training, more on this later. You also can invest the cmc into several countries, to gain euro's, More on this later as well.

Why should i train and what do i need?

Good question, to be able to train, you have to acquire at least 15 hemb oil. You can get these via the market, for 0.19 cmc each right now. When you train, you'll increase your productivity as well. Wich will lead to more cmc per day.

You said investing, how?

This is one of the more experimental parts if you ask me. But there is a work around. When you click on the world invest link. The invest screen will open. Navigate to the maximize map element, hit enter on it. With jaws, and i also thought with nvda, place the focus in the blank line above the element we just clicked on and start moving the mouse very slowly upward and left or right, and click every so often and check if under the maximize element a country opened.
Here you can invest 1.00 cmc at minimal and 50.00 cmc at maximal in the different aspects of a country. 1.00 cmc to invest in the infrastructure, 5.00 for farming 50.00 to invest in the oil production and several others in between.

Please keep in mind, that it won't always work. My strategy right now, is to get up to 100.00 productivity and join a corporation, so my chances probably will increase.
But when you succeed the rewards will be in euro's.

For the business types, you also can start a company. A company is just what it sais, a company smile A company will cost 10 euro's, for a lisence for 90 days. I don't know anything about this yet, but from where i am standing now, i don't think i will start a company myself.

Corporations, are compairable with clans. When you join a corporation your productivity will increase as well. Thus gaining you more cmc daily. It probably will increase your odds when investing as well. You'll need at least 100.00 productivity to join a corporation. You also can join in the war. Wich will last for 7 days. When the war is over, all participants probably will get paid by their dcorporation leader.

PVP is an option people can engage in. When you win a pvp battle, you will get an arena point, when you have enough arena points, you'll get promoted to new ranks, when you get higher ranks, your productivity gets higher with a small percent, getting you 25% at maximal when you battle your way through all the ranks. When you lose a fight you started yourself, you'll lose a arenapoint, when you get owned in a battle, it will cost you nothing as far as i know. Choose your targets wisely smile
On the arena page you can see your chances on winning a battle, thus making selecting targets rather easy.

Cashing your balance is also possible, for this you'll to have at least 20 euro's on your account. For this, go to the invest link, hit the withdraw euro paypal element, and fill out your details. The game claims to reply on this between 1 and 24 hours. I can't remember where exactly, but i know for sure i saw a list of other players got nice amounts depositted by the staff. The game will keep 20% on what you cash, so when you cash 20 euro, you'll receive 16, wich in my oppinion is also a nice amount smile

When you have questions, please place them here, and lets see if we can figure it out together.

Below is the link to the game, it is my referal link, hope you don't mind using it smile


Greetz mike

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I think games like these are bs. there must be a catch to them. how is something like this sustainable? I mean yes, on paper it sounds all cool and all, but usually it either takes so long to get a good amount of cash together you'd be better off doing ledgit work in the real world, or something else gets in the way.

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The point of sustenable isn't completely clear to me, but when my assumption is right you mean the sustainability for the developer?

There are several advertisements on the site as well. Not on irritating places, so you'll experience the least problems with them, allthough, that's my experience smile
It will take time to build up your character, that's true, but when you aren't linked with a corporation, you can have 1000 productivity, when the math of the game is used, that's enough for 100.00 cmc, wich can be spend for 50 cmc on the world investment screen twice. I saw various people use this method via the recent winners screen, earning at least 10 euro twice. Of course, this is no guaranty this will work for us as well, i am not sure yet on how the odds are calculated. But i asume, the more productivity you have, the greater your chances. But this assumption isn't 100% waterproof.

It is true it won't earn you a lot of money, allthough, if this ever will be possible, not in a short time at least. But it is cool to earn a little extra via sidetracks isn't it?

I forgot to mention it in the 1st post, but the cashing will be done via paypal.


greetz mike

we are back in active business, visit our homepage at:
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