It's time for our May update! Last month we opened four new areas, three of them being high level area

    - the villages of Egmondville and Newtonia, level 40 instances
    - the Misuto-Shima province, in northeast Suboria, a level 41 area
    - level 15 zone called the imp-infested mines for the island of Kordan

Next month we plans on releasing another area for Suboria, Nightmare Plane 5 and the Tombs of the Forgotten.

In April we enjoyed a plethora of code improvements. They include:

    - refinements to fishing and cooking, including some species of fish having randomized names
    - the ability to pluck feathers from bird corpses and stick them in hats and fletch arrows to improve their damage and accuracy.
    - skill synergy between leathercraft and hatmaking, allowing for the crafting of hats from leather
    - skill synergy between forge armor and gemcutting, allowing the inlaying of stones and gems into forged armor
    - improvements to the enchant analyze command and the enchant essence skill

Next month we'll be adding abilities for the thief and warrior classes. Traps are currently being tested, so they will be implemented once they have been debugged along with the skirmish, crippling strike, and brew acid skills for thieves. For the warrior class, likely skills to be added will be a prove armor skill to reduce encumbrance of worn armor, a diehard skill to function while mortally wounded, and two monk-style skills: focus chi and spirit bomb.

For more information, please see our May audio presentation on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldyNGp9DHIE



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Thanks very much for the update.
Looking forward to the new skills!
I would consider changing the name of that spirit bomb thing before it is released... Don't you think?
Spirit bomb... Just no.
And I dunno about diehard either... haha

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Bring back Alter Aeon 2010.

Nice updates, hope it brings in tons of new players.

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