I no longer play games, but thought I'd pop in and share this MUD that I found about a year ago.

This is a MUD based on Christianity. While it is not the most unique MUD in terms of features, classes and such, it does set itself apart with it's theme and a few original features.

Quests: This game features a type of quest I've never seen in any other. While it does have the typical kill mob and item retrieval style, it also has quests based on going forth and sharing the Gosple of Christ. You are given a verse from the gosple and a mob that needs to hear it, and your job is to find that mob and recite the verse. Quest points can be redeemed for items like pieces of the armor of faith mentioned in Ephesians.

Mechanics: While being essentially a ROM style MUD, the combat system has been reworked with somewhat original messages and the like. There are also some customizations that can be made to your character. If you feel uncomfortable casting magic spells, you can instead choose to pray for them as blessings from the creator. While this may not make all Christians totally comfortable as it is a bit like God serving you, it is a well executed attempt at inclucivity in a fictional universe. There is also a pacifist type character called a servant that can be played for those who do not want to engage in combat.

The Bible: One original feature in this game is the intigration of the scriptures. The MUD will essentially read you the King James version of the bible at your leisure. You can customize this in the form of getting a verse every tick, to one every hour, both or none. There is also some bible trivia and other mini games within the mud.

This MUD is technically unfinished. Last time I played it had a low player base and no developers currently working on it. However, I thought it might be interesting for Christians looking for an explicitly Christian game to play that tries to be as loyal to the scriptures and the spreading of the gosple as possible. For anyone wanting to check this out, the connection info is below. I haven't checked to see if it's still accepting connections, but if it is I hope someone has fun with it.


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Either aotcmud.org port 4200 is incorrect r the mud doesn't exist anymore....which would be a shane as it sounds interesting. I even double checked  info online an it lines up correctly. Please do double check if the game is still available before posting it. sad
If there are still active Christian themed muds out there, I'd like to know of em.


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