that's really strange. I don't have an option in the file menu to access recently opened files and in the /worlds directory there is indeed the wastes, but it isn't a .mcl file but a folder itself and I am not sure if the .mcl file is somewhere in that directory, but I can't find it.

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actually it does have a list of recent files, but there isn't any .mcl file there. basically my problem is I can't find the .mcl file. the "worlds" directory contains a "the wastes" folder, but I am not sure where the .mcl file is in there...

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You can just create a new world, and once you add the main Wastes plugin to it, type install.
This will set up all the plugins and skip downloading most content, since its already on disk.
Your other option is to create a new temporary world and see where the program wants to save that. This will probably be the same location it put your original Wastes file.

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I've just fixed a bug that would cause a scripting error in some cases where you lose max hp, and the fix will be in the next update (no release timing currenttly planned).
This error doesn't have any active impact on gameplay, so if you run across it, its safe to ignore.
Additionally, if you're familiar with mushClient/Lua and would like to patch yourself the fix is as follows:
<send>if not string.match("%1","Max") then
<send>if not string.match(string.lower("%1"),"max") then
As you can guess, the error is the result of casing issues across different cases of losing max hp.

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I've been running into a lot of core crashes lately, and due to the nature of the pack, its rather difficult to track down where the issues are coming from.
If anybody here is handy with a debugger and getting the same crashes, I'd really appreciate any pointers you could give me as to where the game is when its dying.

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As its been a few days, I wanted to give a quick update on development.
I'm making decent progress towards the next update. A lot of work has gone into fixing situations where the client doesn't automatically update stats (such as mountain climbing). Additionally, I've fixed a couple bugs, a scripting error, and quite a few missing periods.
I am actively looking to fix (or hide) the bug where, after unlocking a crate, the game will tell you there's nothing inside and then immediately turn around and display some items.

To any sighted players reading this, I'm also looking into an option that will display the stat display as if you were playing the original game, or at least something fairly close to it. I'm making no promises as to when or if this will be available, but it is under consideration. If you'd particularly like me to spend some time putting it together, please get in touch.

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32 (edited by LordLundin 2018-04-08 11:34:25)

So apparently you can play this game in mushclient or the like? How do you do that?

I really wanna play this game but I'm having trouble even getting started setting it up in regards to music (being super loud) etc.

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As the pack says during installation, you can adjust the volume of MushClient's sounds with alt f11 and alt f12. To adjust the volume of the core game's audio, you'll want to use the options menu (type three when you first start the game). To test the second setting, navigate to the music generator.

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A suggestion: If I remember right, quests and the like were planed for the original game. Maybe such things could be included in this Update pack?

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Adding quests (or encounters) would require the original game's source.
As a rule of thumb, if a change would modify the character's stats in *any* way, it can't be done by the pack.

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hello john,
wierd, i dont know why this keeps happenning but,

Shutting down do to error:
'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0x87 in position 13: ordinal not in range(128)

have a nice day.

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Is there a specific point at which this error keeps happening to you? I've seen similar messages before, but never with the Wastes. Are you by any chance using a non-ascii interface language (I believe the wrapper has issues with extended characters)?


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wierd, its still same,

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I'm going to need some details in order to track down what's going wrong with your setup.
Can you specify where exactly the problem is happening for you?

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