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Hi everyone!

I, Trenton Matthews, (I will update my username on here some day...) created this topic to announce my community world I call "The Sun Realms Nation!"


To talk about the world of Android and Google's hardware/software and their Amazon  brethren of products, plus sharing news/tips on "Chrome OS" "IOS" "Windows 10" and everything else "nerdy" in between, join one of the "Android And Friends" groups. The name of said group, was inspired by the legendary Garfield And Friends cartoon.

Wish to discuss the goings on with life, food, movies, music, family, etc? Drop in to one of "The Sun Realms Cafe" locations.

NB. Most of the talk goes on within the "What's App" groups, however if you are a more "chilled" kinda person, choosing one of the "Allo" groups may suit you better.

Any other groups listed on the page, are not as popular, though feel free to join one of them if ya want.
For example, the "Facebook" group for the Nation, I need to put more dedication to it. However that group may be replaced with the "Google Plus" one someday, do to what's been going on over on the platform.

Lastly, yes... The "Nation" has a group on "Huboodle!"

If yal have ideas for improovements I can make to any or all of the groups, please feel free to  Tweet me on Twitter, Friend / Message me on Facebook, or simply post in this topic if ya want.

Enjoy your time under the sun!

PS. Don't forget to mention you are from the "Audio Games" forum after ya join, so I know who you are. smile

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Sorry, the link doesn't works.

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Btw, you might want to go to www.whitestic.co.uk and have the group added to the mailing lists and groups page on there since that is one of the best hubs I know for VI and computer related information of all kinds.

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