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That very thing is currently under discussion. It's not really a bug, see above. However I can most certainly see the complications. In fact it took multiple times for me to get it right, and that was only after clarification

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i really like the new update! it's sooooooooo fun! it brings back the fun of just mindlessly slaughtering people instead of competing on who can grab the most items and gear up fastest.
good job on the update!

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Hey. Can you please add team flags to the bases? Because now if you see a base you can't decide whether it's your team's base, it's a truced team's base or a random base.

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I abandonned this game a while ago and so also didn't follow this thread carefully.
Now I read in post 1027 that there has been an update which kinda brings back the fun of the old redspot.
I am sure it has been said on an earlier page, but can someone tell me what exactly is new in this update?

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basically, if you don't want the whole guns thing, you can now either enter a melee arena where only melee weapons and combos are allowed, or a special combo arena where you can only fight hand to hand, and where stomach stab is also disabled. Some new melee weapons, some of which only pspawn on the melee arena too.

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that sounds good

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