2017-09-28 13:22:31

I was always dreaming of competing against other, real people in a boxing-manager simulation game, and with the help of this community, that dream of mine came true with WEBL, which now occupies the very most of my spare time!
I must brag a bit, despite still counting for a new player there, I am quite successful in it, and with one of my boxers I even fought my way to my 1st title fight, (in 3 days), after winning it I will qualify into the "contenders" division with him, which is a type of "champion's league" in that game.

However, my 2nd most favorite sport-manager simulation type is horse-racing, to which I also wish to find a similar solution now!

(normally, my all time favorite were football manager games, but since compared to those video-football managers I played in my sighted period, these online ones look like very simplified skeletons, I realized I will have to forget about them, they just cannot replace the "real visual feeling")

So now I am searching for a horse-racing manager simulation game, a browser-based MMO, with hopefully still large enough regular player-base, with an alive community to compete against...and normally, one which is screen-reader friendly enough, aka mostly text based, with race commentaries in a similar style to those textual fight-commentaries in WEBL, so I could easily imagine the races even without being able to watch them.

Any of you happen to know, or has heard of such a game?

(of course I know about the existence of couple of online horse racing manager MMOs, but I have no idea which of them is(are) the most popular one(s), with the largest player base, and the most accessable, aka screen-reader friendly, mostly text based one(s)

Waiting for your suggestions guys, maybe you can help me out once again!

Caccio from Hungary

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2017-09-28 17:10:38 (edited by Caccio72 2017-09-28 17:12:54)

Actually I found 2 "candidates" so far, which are the highest rated, or valued games of that genre, the 1st one is Track King, the 2nd is Horse Racing Sim.
Have you guys heard of those?
Which one you think is more accessable, aka easier to play with screen reader?

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2017-09-28 17:33:31

The only accessible horse racing anything I know about is "the horse racing game" by Lighttech Interactive, you can find it in the games list.
It's not text based, and it's kinda old, but you can build your own maps and mod the sounds if you want.

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Yeah it was, pretty bad.

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2017-09-28 17:56:50

TrackKing's race commentary's are graphical and inaccessible. Unfortunately this is the best sim, of course. Never tried the other game you mentioned.

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2017-09-28 22:16:45

Thanks, but I am quite a competitive gamer, who prefers competing against other human players, (especially since the appearence of online MMOs), so I hoped for a horse racing manager where I can race with other human-manager's horses, similar to how I fight other player's boxers in WEBL.

(btw my search goes on, since Sim Horse Racing turned out to feature visual races as well)

I know it is probably hard to even imagine horse racing with a textual commentary, but I hoped you guys maybe happen to remember of some older ones, which were created before browser-based MMOs started featuring graphics, and that at least one of them has stil "survived" from that era...
(just look at the hundreds of MUDs, which are all some kind of fossils remained from that "textual" period)

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2017-09-30 18:17:28

Woww, found 2 more "candidates", Stable Stars and Stableking, the 1st one is accordingly even "text-based, but features a 2d graphics too"...so it might be the thing I was searching for!
(meaning the "text-based part of course)

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2018-03-06 21:48:49

Sorry for bringing this back, but I might have an option for a horse racing type game open.
The games main feature is not just racing. You create your rider and start out as just some random dude who is given a horse from the riding stable.
The object is, well, you have multiple paths there. You can try to be the best in a certain disciplin, breed thurrough bred foals and sell them to other players, become the best one in a certain disciplin, there are some possibilitys there, and still new ones get added.
There are different horse breeds available from ponys, warm bloods, thurrogh breds, draft horses are coming. You can engage in disciplins like trail, raining, racing, show jumping, dressage, endurance and quite a bit more, every breed of horse has it's designated classes which it's made for, for example english thurrogh breds are good for racing, arabians good for endurance, Holsteins for jumping, cross country and so on.
You have to take care of your horses, train your rider, train the horses or let them train by other players which you will pay, try getting a foal from your mare, if you own one, try to create the perfect horse in breeding out all the flaws, we call it "Exterior", make sure the horses stay healthy, and well, much more, a bit to much to explain here.
Problem currently is, the game is just available in german, it recently got out of beta phase and just kicked of into the full version on the 1.st of march.
There is currently a new layout for the game in discussion and I already contacted the admin regarding curren problems with the layout and how they could improve on the new layout, this will still take some time though.
The game is available in a demo and full version, the full one costs around 2 euros per month.
I will keep you informed if it would be possible to translate the game into english, might take some time though.
Greetings Moritz.

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2018-03-08 07:03:17

Sorry I don't have an answer to your question, but I just wanted to comment that I got curious and tried the boxing game you mentioned, and it's pretty freaking cool. I love the types of games where you have to design the best combination of stats and effects and throw them at someone else's build. It takes all the random number generation and pointless grinding out of games and focuses on pure strategy. The one fight per week thing is a tad annoying because once I get going on something I don't want to stop for a while, but I think the ability to design sparring partners exactly how I want and use my own fight plans with them for testing purposes gives me about as good a chance as I could hope for to improve my strategy. If any mods are reading this, I really think this game deserves a db entry. The simulation is really quite one of a kind, and the accessibility is top notch with minimal graphics and entertaining textual commentary.

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2018-03-08 12:43:36

As far as WEBL Goes, the problem basically is the same as for all sports management games, which is that I personally just don't feel qualified to write about them as they're a genre of game  have no interest in, or indeed enough background knolidge  at least  enough to write about.

I've asked some of our other mods to look over the game, indeed I did think Aaron actually played WEBL anyway.

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2018-03-11 18:07:39

@dark: I've never been one for sports silliness either. The talk of who was drafted into NFL this season, who cheated in the super bowl, and what an awesome play that was last night makes me roll my eyes and tune out. I play those games for the strategic element. WeBL is just one big numbers game, so honestly I wouldn't really recommend it for sports fans as much as I would for math or strategy nerds. Basically you're just writing up a massive script for your fighters to use, throwing them at someone else's script and watching the result. It's rather a shame for the db to be missing some pretty good games for bias reasons I would think.

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2018-03-11 23:09:16

@alec, if the db were biased in terms of what games I personally liked there are certainly a good many games that wouldn't be there big_smile.

In terms of sports management the essential problem is one of language and terminology, since my lack of knowledge of most sports makes it simply difficult for me to actually play! a lot of management games since I frankly don't know what they're talking about.

For example, if a sports management sim wanted me to assess the stats of a certain player and assign them a position in a sport such as a quarterback in American football, I genuinely would not know how to answer doubly so in American sports).

Similarly with WEBL,  reading through the rules and commentary a lot of the descriptions are rather boxing specific and my knowledge of boxing largely stopped at Street fighter's Ballrog big_smile.,

I do not like! racing games, but I can at least play them intelligibly enough to write about them in a reasonably positive and coherent way.

This is however why we have multiple people working on the db since manifestly different people have different areas of interest, so hopefully one of our other staff will pick this one up.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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