So like many others on here, I decided to move over from Firefox to Chrome recently, mainly due to the former’s slow response in version 57.
Everything has been working well until recently, when I started experiencing a few odd issues:
Firstly, the alt + left arrow combination, to go back, just stopped working one day, no matter what page I’m on. The best solution I could find was an addon that enables backspace to serve that purpose and it’s working. However, much more concerning is another issue, where I simply cannot interact with text fields any longer. I type something but there’s no way for me to read back anything I’m doing; so as a consequence I’m copying this post from elsewhere just to post, I hope that works. This also worked fine until recently, so my only guess is that an update broke accessibility. Is anyone else having similar problems and is there any kind of solution?

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Weird enough, I don't encounter any of the issues you mentioned. None of them, in fact.
Try uninstalling and reinstalling the application again, as Chrome is really working fine now, at least with NVDA.

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Nope, I use chrome every day and I don't have any issues with it.

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hi, no issues here either. in fact, I'm writing this post from it, add block plus and using NVDA. works beautifully. I do have some focusing issues, but always had them, so that's not something I'm concerned about it.

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I certainly haven't encountered the text issue you mention, but I do remember  arrows was a bit finicky for a while, however I just gave them a try now and they're fine big_smile.

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Nope, I'm fine here too. The only issue I've had with Chrome on occasion is the thing where pressing the arrow keys only gives me the page title, and I can't move and have to refresh the page, or worst case scenario use Firefox to browse that specific website.

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@BlindNinja, Same thing happens with me!

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same here, post 6. unfortunately, I really can't stand JAWS long enough to test it with, and see if it's an NVDA specific issue or not.

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Yes it's true. the back and forward commands shortcuts did not work, but now everything is back to normal.
I have no idea what happened
I tried to resolve the issue in many ways, but I don't know what did work.
or may not have been anything to do with what I did.
Maybe a paranoia of screen readers or chrome ...

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now everything goes normal.

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A bit off-topic, but Braille0109, I was wondering why you don't like JAWS. Most people tend to like JAWS more than NVDA, which is just why I'm wondering.

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