I'd love to admin your games. I'm an awesome builder, I love muds, and can't wait to try out your mmo's. I'm extremely young, enthusiastic, and know how to spell:xd.
I can come up with some concepts, and help out with some scripts;, I'm good with game mechanics, I prefer not to use my email wlmfao. pm me if you wish to get in  contact, I won't be able to devote 100 percent of my time in, proably around say 4/5 days a week, depends on if I have lousy homework to finish up on; Don't wanna get in trouble xd.
I'm learning how to program moo, and I'm getting into it. I'll certainly help with concepts, ideas, admining, building, and grammar, spelling, etc fixes. PM me and alert me in this topic. I'd Love to see this sky rocket. Just curious, why did you choose moo? wlmfao you could have done an audiogame, I would have looooooooooved that. anyways, take care yall, and hope to get this shiznick sky rocketing.

I'm a nube. don't always have to listen to me. But everyone has opinions. and opinions can be heard

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I have never seen a submarine based moo only space but never a underwater mud.
1 you could build domes for buildings
2. using algae for fuel. This could be put into a activity gather algae for fuel.
3 you could have single person subs all the way up to your modern day attack subs.
4. sonar this would be like scanning on other muds.
5. the oceans could be made up of five grids each 6000 up 6000 down and 6000 whide.

I'm not sure what else to add. Hope everyone likes my idea. This mud would be based off of seequest.

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