I didn't figure it out, but I read somewhere it has something to do with a woman poisoning her husband. I think the last line may be a reference to some poisons making the victim appear dead when they're actually still alive just deeply comatosed. Like the zombie thing in Haiti. Oddly, Mr Zebra was the very song that made me a Tori Amos fan in 96 when she sang it on Jools Holland.

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Here's where I read about the meaning of Mr Zebra. It's a good article if you're a fan.
http://www.metroweekly.com/2013/08/tori … her-album/

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I don't believe the Green Day Time of Your Life hidden meaning. I like it better as a meaning of time passing.

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I once had a discussion on youtube, if you can call it that, with someone who just didn't want to believe that coin operated boy by Dresden dolls was about a vibrator. She wanted it to be about the perfect boy, which is fair enough, but it's definitely about female masturbation.

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Hi Flackers.
Lol that's funny, I've got to check this song out! What about girls just wanna have fun? That's supposed to be about masturbation too, although I've never been sure about that. People interpret songs differently sometimes so my friend might've been wrong about that one.

I love the green day song time of your life! Something that cracks me up, is at the beginning of the song, Billy Joe Armstrong makes a couple false starts with the guitar and then says, Aahh Fuck!" before starting the song for real.

This topic grew much faster than I thought it would, I'm liking this discussion a lot!

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Interesting topic, although I don't know most of the songs.
For my contribution, this was an anti-apartheid song back in the day:
What most people probably wouldn't know is that they put a bit of the melody of Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika (which was banned at the time) in there.

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Hello Zakc93.
That's an interesting one. I remember an album floating around called artists against apartheid that had similar songs and themes, but that was years ago. What sorts of music do you like to listen to?

Playing music and coding, are kinds of real world magic.

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Here's one nobody mentioned yet....

Who Let The Dogs Out is....apparently, about looking for either jacking off or sex. I'll ask a few people I know in the Carribean if they know anything about this. I'm not sure on it.

Also, wanted to throw Detroit Rock City out there, or, a perfect song for a PSA on impaired driving. Based on a true story, this KISS fan drinks, smokes, then drives to a KISS concert and, predictably enough, dies in a car wreck. Go figure....yet the song's so catchy and yet dark and depressing at the same time.

Okay....same for Jump by Van Halen too, that song is too catchy....way, WAY too catchy, yet the meaning is there if you look a little under the surface.

For the Green Day one didn't Billy Joe Armstrong specifically say that's what the song's about and not time passing though? I'd rather take his word for it, given he sings the song in the first place. Though for dark, depressing and oh hey it's so cheerful....yeah, Some Nights is a good candidate for that, too freaking catchy for its own good too

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Well I previewed the dresden dolls song on iTunes, I didn't like it at all! I don't know if it was the singing or the lyrics or what, maybe because it brought to mind lady gaga lol! Needless to say, it is definitely not about the perfect boy!

Goodness, it's no wonder I never liked who let the dogs out! The creepy thing is that who let the dogs out is apart of a kid's cartoon movie soundtrack, and the theme for an old TV. show.

Playing music and coding, are kinds of real world magic.

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Now this is a topic right up my alley since I love anything that has anything to do with music, especially Country and Folk music.

I have often found that most songs have both clear as well as hidden meanings. You just have to listen, and I mean really listen, not just to the rhythm and the lyrix, but listen to what is actually being said and how words are being phrased. It is amazing what can be interpreted from one single song.

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I always knew, for some reason, that Some Nights had some sort of dark meaning, especially near the last verse where the music is braught right down. I don't actally know what he's singing so I should now have a proper listen again, but also, the chorus is quite dark talking about castles falling down and such.
One day I sat there listening to Every Breath You Take, and then it shocked me when I suddenly realized what it was about. My gosh. That's some dark stuff there.

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This topic is right up my alley. So here's one you might not know about, One Week by Barenaked Ladies. There are rumors out there (especially on Reddit and such)  that the song is about someone murdering their spouse. Here's a Buzzfeed article about the original Reddit post.
As for depressingly happy songs, what about Electric Avenue? Wasn't that about the 1981 Brixton riot?

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