2018-03-08 21:58:52

Hi there. A fiew days ago i was surffing the net to find something that could fill my needs as a game engine for C#. I can't remember exactly how but i found mono game. Downloaded it and installed it and i could work with it very well. There are also tutorials on the net. Just a simple google search will bring them up. The only thing that i want to ask the ones who worked with it is how do you handle sounds. You know it's a bit odd that such a big project only supports declaring soundeffect veriables one by one and creating instances for each of them. I know it also supports xact but i'm not sure if it's accessible at all or if it's usable.
Thanks for reading.

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2018-03-09 01:49:47

I haven't used MonoGame but I know that AHC uses MonoGame, so you can obviously create games with it. I've tried it out before -- its completely usable, if your willing to look at the docs. smile

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