Yet another busy week, but I managed to create these for everyone:

On the Fantasy 8 page:
"Enchanted Hollow" (Looping)

On the Dark/Ominous Page:
"The Island of Dr. Sinister" (Looping)

And on the Drama 2 page:
"Anomalies Abound" (Looping)


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Some new tracks for your projects:

On the Fantasy 8 page:
"Spooky Hollow" (Looping)

On the Puzzle Music 3 Page:
"Dreamy Island Puzzler" (Looping)
"Brain Teaser" (Looping)

I hope they are helpful!

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This topic never stops amazing me. Keep up the awesome work sir!

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john wrote:

This topic never stops amazing me. Keep up the awesome work sir!

Hey John, thank you so much...I really appreciate it and hope some of my work is helpful!

Sorry I couldn't post last week...I was at a photography conference for 4 days and then spent last weekend shooting a new film.  Anyhow, here are some new tracks for everyone:

On my Sci-Fi 6 page:
"A Heist in the Outer Rim" (Looping)

On my City/Urban 2 page:
"Moonlight Break In" (Looping)

On my Puzzle Music 3 page:
"Digital Dreaming" (Looping)

On my Positive Upbeat Page:
"Bouncing Around Town" (Looping)

On my Drama 2 page:
"Trouble in Town" (Looping)

Have a good week!

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Here are more new tracks that need good homes in your projects:

On my Funny 4 page:
"The Crazy Chef" (Looping)

On my Fantasy 8 page:
"The King's Feast" (Looping)
"Haunted Hollow" (Looping)

Enjoy...and have a good week!

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Well, it's been mentioned a thousand times by a hundred different people I'm sure, but really dude, you should offer the ability to download all the current tracks at the same time, for like 10 to 15 bucks. Many other similar sites offer it...
You could also add extras, such as uncompressed versions, loopables (though I think you already offer those for every track, very impressive!) stingers, or even occasional extra tracks, but nothing says you have to do that if you want to keep it totally fare... After all it's your site.
You could make some extra money for running the server that way, I'm sure your costs are quite high, and you can always limit the full package's download speed to like 700KBPS (something reasonable) as to not overload it and impact other visitors.
Otherwise people are just going to use a mass downloader like "winget" or something anyway, which will have a much bigger impact on your server.

Just have them enter their email optionally so they get direct download links to new tracks when they come out, to add to their current collection, or even offer a URL in the package that goes to a buyers only page or smaller package that will easily update their collection.
You could also include a license in their that will work for all the tracks, which is easier than finding it on the site and can be shared with no effort in TXT form.

You make some awesome stuff, and I will donate when possible anyway, but seriously sorting through it all takes a lot of time and their is always that sneaking worry that your site will go down some day and this amazing resource will be lost!

This... -- Is CNN'.
Well Ted, it sure looks like there's been uh, quite a bit of violence around here
"aaoh, that violence was terrible'!"
Yeah it was, pretty bad.

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