2018-02-19 13:10:16

Okay, so I am working in python and have noticed that the docs on this library, while not the worst thing in the world, still appear to be missing a few things. Namely, I am wondering if there is a way and how to check if libaudioverse has been initialized. Like an isInitialized function. The language agnostic files say there is a way.

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2018-02-19 19:30:27

Here's how to do proper initialization with Libaudioverse. At least I do it like that in my initialization code.

def main():
    with libaudioverse.InitializationManager():
        #do some stuff
        pyglet.clock.schedule_interval(update, 1/120)

2018-02-25 14:40:11

So, a couple more questions. Is there a way to check what a Buffer is playing? Also, is there a way for checking if new nodes have been attached to either another node or the server?

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2018-02-25 15:26:40

Sorry for the double post, but I feel as though I should explain what I am doing. I am working on building a sound player class that will abstract away some of the node stuff so it is easier to attach these to game objects instead of having to worry about several lines of code to play sounds on queue for several objects.

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