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I wanted to try tackling making a soundpack on VipMud. Just not sure how to go about it. Is a soundpack nothing more than a handful of triggers? but then, triggers can only play one at a time. Does anyone know how to get around that or how you're really supposed to do it? I sure have enough sounds and know where to get them.

if you have to credit someone for a sound, do you just make a txt in the zip with the triggers and say sounds curtesy of blablabla? any advice would be appreciated.

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about crediting i think evry one has his own conditions, so i recommend to read the licence of the source.
i have no idea so don't listen to me hahaha

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Yeah, I know I'm supposed to credit my sources, just have no clue how it's supposed to be set up, or where anything should go.

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Depending on the license, you also don't want to make it so people can have access to the sounds themselves. That's why games encrypt them.

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You can't really encrypt mud soundpacks though. If I could do it to my Clokpack, I would. As for credits, I usually can't remember where Igot sounds from since I have like a hundred sources/games I ripped from. I tend to give credits to "a whole lot of sources for sounds" instead.

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In terms of vip, yes its just a bunch of triggers, usually, and the occasional usage of script functions. Depending on game rules and such.
In terms of credits, it's up to you, and what the licence says.
You could credits.txt, make a credits alias... its really up to you

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Ok then,
In that case, how do you make a trigger run alongside another, in the case of areamusic?

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