I'm taking an intro to object oriented programming class, and we're using java. The IDE they're using is called bluejay, and it is unfortunately, not all that usable. Does anyone have suggestions as to an alternative? I've heard some people use eclipse, however I've heard others say that it's horrible and there are better alternatives, so figured I'd ask here.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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I would say, eclipse if you're coding on Windows.
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I've got a mac, but usually code in a windows VM.I've found eclipse, along with a nvda addon for it., so I'm gonna try that.

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Why do some People say that Eclipse is horrible? I'm just curious because I'm very pleased with the program and how it works. I think it's really easy to use.

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Hi I was just wondering if there was an accessible way to find errors in your code, some info is given when compiled, but specifics such as line numbers and stuff like that, are not. This is a new language for me, so that'd be helpful info.

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you can
to prune
shift + alt + q to see all shortcuts
and you can press ctrl + f7 to navigate between views

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Thanks very much, this helped a lot!
It's gonna take a while to get used to this, I am not used to ides at all.

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I am also taking a programming class, and we are also using java. However the IDE we use is ready java, or ready to program java. It seems fine with jaws, however you can't see what the problem is with arrors, it just says you have 1 arror or you have 2 arrors. I haven't tried with NVDA, or used OCR with jaws, but I doubt either will change much. If anybody has used this one before let me know, so far it seems about 99 percent accessible, aside from not knowing what exactly i've done wrong everything seems to work fine. Oh and its only available on windows.

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I'm wondering why people say Eclipse is great. I must be missing somthing, can someone please explain me how I can use Eclipse with JAWS and have a fluid experience ? I need everything to be super fast and responsive and I find that Eclipse is slowly screen reading. Also, there are refreshing bugs of the text being read on the screen at times, like if JAWS is parsing the screen and forgets to update as I move up and down. Finally, it cannot read the line of texte when it gets no more visible on the screen to the right.

Visual Studio, however is really fast and responsive, can I get equally good responsiveness in Eclipse ? Everything feels slower when we have to deal with the Java Access Bridge.

There must be ways for Eclipse to be more accessible with JAWS, is isn't there ? Perhaps I should make a new topic for this question ?

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I never had such Problems. Jaws works as fast and reliable with Eclipse as with other programs.

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jaws and eclipse is a very good combination even
 you can try updating eclipse

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That's strange re: Eclipse inaccessibility. I use NVDA and Eclipse full-time for work and find it to be one of the most accessible IDEs around, right up there with Visual Studio.

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I use combination of NVDA and Eclipse and I am very happy. About finding errors, there is a simple way to review what errors there are in your open projects. use ctrl+f7 to switch over to the problems view. there you will find a tree view displaying any errors and warnings. Once you have an error selected press enter to jump to an editor with the cursor on the line where the error is and the offending element selected.

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