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As the subject says, is there anyway that I can convert the flac file to MP3 format? If it is, tell me how.
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hi free studio is made for u try that and let me know if any thing is there in which i can help u

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try wav mp3 converter I think it has about 30 different file types and you can convert them back and forth. I don't know where you can find it in the internet because someone gave it to me

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Hmm don't know about this, but maybe aldacity might be able to help you, if you download apluggin.

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Ok, I'll try the programs that you guys suggested me.
But anyways, thanks for your reply!

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goldwave actually converts flac to any other of its numerous supported file types, without the need for any plugins.  Just download the free trial version you can convert as many files as you want until you've used up all your commands/turns

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Don't like gold wave? Format factory is your free solution. It can convert video formats, too. Haven't tried the video format function by the way. Anyway, to convert, right click your file, click send, then click format factory.Then select the format you want to convert, set the output directory, then click ok, and you're done!

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Format factory? Haven't heard about that though. is it accessible?

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Yes it is... wrote a quick guide in the previous post.

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AppGeeker video converter (http://www.appgeeker.com) to convert it.
It supports essentially converting every format to every format. I have used it before for different purposes successfully

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Ok then, I'm gonna try that.

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The audio converter is good: http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/ti … rter.html. It can convert audio and even extract audio from video to lossless one. Of course, it can convert lossless format to mp3.

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Well for me.
winlame is good either modern or classic modes are included its beta software but is good.
In addition it supports winamp plugins if you want a load of plugins you can import then just say.
Basically chiptunes, midi, cd extraction the list is endless.
You could probably convert movie files even quicktime to mp3 if you had the right plugin.

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**ffmpeg** cmd but it works. Command syntax is:
ffmpeg -i file.flac file.mp3
obviously that's the simplest, you can specify options like b:a and all kinds of other stuff.
get ffmpeg for windows here

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I love FFMpeg.  Love using command line.  Definitely accessible, with no need to worry about GUI crap.

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I'm surprised no one's mensioned a program called 'Sox'. Convert any of it's supported file types by running:
sox <infile> <outfile>
To install it, Download it here.

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You can use https://www.filetypeadvisor.com/extension/mp3 to open your MP3 file. Also this app will recommend a software suitable for opening or converting such files. Anyway, good luck!

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Why not using foobar 2000 to convert the flack file? you'll be only needing lame encoder which can be found easily by a google search.


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@16 I was about to

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