greedings. the game is back up

play survive  the wild, one of the best audio games ever maid.
get the game here
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Oh? Nice shit.

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blink_wizard wrote:

Apparently something with his linux server screwed up, but he just doesn't want to fix it. I think you yourself should get the full story and you have never asked me for my side of the story, you people get so mad about hosting server, I don't get it. The reason I killed custom servers is because people were abusing them, logging in as me, changing passwords by changing the password.usr file to their passowrd file. It was a complete mess. I don't really care, but I will not let my game get all scrwed over like that. I don't know why you people are so upset just because you people can't host a server, to me, its just power hungry people. They can host it because they can be admin and give themselves a crap load of items if they want. Seriously

Speaking about getting the full story: You are actually dishing an other developer, not in your own topic, but in his own topic because they had server issues, just like you have had so many times before. You are asking people to get stories from your point of view, but that doesn't stop you from dishing other developers without getting the full story yourself. If you haven't guessed that already, that's not the way to make yourself popular in the blind community.

Best regards SLJ.
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and who ever said I was trying to get popular? I could care less. That's what you don't understand. So you're yelling at me for  not getting the full story yet you were doing it yourself?


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Calm down, children. If you wana fight it out do it somewhere else.

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