the AI would be nice for when your the only one online, or If you kill a player, the player's Zombie would come back to life and start fighting you, but it should be random, so that the dead player won't always come back to life. and or also robots that could gard a set place or perimitor, for example, garding a shelter or a tower your trying to conker

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I think that health cap needs to be set to 5000, just like the starting health. That way, people cant just get fucload of antibiotics and just use them when there health is below 50000 or what ever is set. also, shields need to be removed. Not because that's taking from redspot, but because the same reason as antibiotics. when someone's shields go down, they bring them back up.
Also, I think that guided missiles need to be removed. yes, I just said that. in that way, someone who collects coins for ages and ages and ages, they can get a lot of guided missiles and nobody stands a chanse to them, accept if they don't have missile intersepters, and even then, Missiles often lag the server, so even with a missile intersepter you cant always intersept it. A good replacement is to add missiles, whitch would work the same as grenades. You launch them, and they go strate forward, possibly curving off to a different direction at random. That way, you still have a lot of ways of destruction, but if you know how to doj, you can. also we seriously need a radar for tanks and sniper. I keep missing someone, and because I don't know what does very slitely off to the right/ left mean, I mean, is it 10, 20 or 30 squares, I don't know what is wrong.  About loozing items when you die, well that depends. One good idea is to make most weapons and ammo spawn on the map, and some really big weapons like minigun and grenades are available at the shops. Then, dieing would be perfectly ok, as long as you have ok weapons at your start. Also with this, you need to make it so weapons have a lot of good things, but a bad one. For examples, machineguns should slow you down and should take a while to reload, but have a very good spead, damage and would have more rounds then a shotgun or a pistul.
about the ranking system, that looks like a good idea, though again, there will for ever be that problem someone on a higher level vs someone on a lower level, so unless it's really planned out it's got to go bad.
more maps would surely sound very good, though because you can only track those that are on the same map as you, you may run run out of persons to kill, and if you don't know how to return on main, you're scrued big_smile. And, if that multy map sstem will be added, please make so that new players always get on main or something, so that if for instants someone killed me in a small map, a house, for instants, they would keep killing me over and over again because I can not exit before the same person kills me.
An other good thing would be to make is so person needs to press enter to respawn, so that if they want to just chat or to go afk or something they can just stay in that unspawned mode, and when they wish to start again.

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I have made a skype group for all the tk players to join and talk. The link is


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