I have never had that problem with it before but I think it really depends on the source or from where you are downloading the video. YOu can also try updating the download engine from time to time.

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Since it has always worked for me, I've never felt that I needed to change that setting, so I just left it alone.

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I think I was recently sharing my automatic youtube download solution. Basically, you paste all the links in links.txt, press enter on a batch file, and everything specified will be downloaded and converted automatically. The software that I'm using for this is Youtube-DL, and it's updated regularly. I will re-post it if someone interested. I'm using this solution for years for my youtube download needs, and I'll never look back.

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well, if you look at it ponte's is really a gui wrapper for youtubeDL which it uses as the download engine.

this would save me some hard drive space though

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The first time I used pontes, I had the same problem with not being able to switch formats, but it's been okay since, and I don't know what changed. Maybe it had to do with the video length, I don't know.

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Iuse ytbmp3.com.  I can do individual videos or playlists.

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