2018-01-10 04:14:40


    I was just curious if anyone else has had their computer suddenly experiencing a huge lag spike in their computer's operating and use.  Today, once I started up my laptop, it took literal minutes to open up applications, or functions of said applications, with a loading symbol appearing for every action, at times crashing my laptop.  The only difference from today and yesterday was an Windows update that was installed today.

    Looking up said update, apparently there was a security flaw with some intell chips that resulted in a patch that would slow down computers.  Though for Window 10 users with newer computers, the slow down would be unnoticeable, but I'm starting to doubt that claim.  This all started today, and the update is the only change on my computer, which was purchased new only a few months ago, and is running Windows 10.

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2018-01-10 05:07:31

I did come across claims of 28-40% slowdown on som machines, so there you go...Quidsup mentioned it on his video that the slowdown may be significant for some machines.

So there ya go. A 27-40% slowdown....yeah, good job MS in how you handled it. Still not as bad as Intel's PR mind....

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2018-01-10 05:22:57

brutally honest, for I will be hated, but here it goes. say hi to windows 10, people. I'm still sad day after day, that we have no choice. the only way to avoid these things like the above is to get a refurbished win8 device. I know this is not the answer, but honestly, 1709 has sent older devices in the grave. I heard too many instances, where updates just break things, in some cases, break things critically. I'm currently stuck on my  build, my windows 10 would need a reformat, which I can't afford right now. I couldn't even fix it with an in place upgrade. I've just about had it with win10, to be honest. I know this isn't the kind of answer you were after, but really.

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2018-01-10 16:28:20

Yeah, I'm going to go get this thing looked at later today at a nearby store to see what's causing the slow downs exactly.  But everything was quite fine before this Jan 9 update.  I'm starting to think maybe this new update also doesn't play well with NVDA, as I've also been having a bit of an issue with it.  Perfect this all begins a week before Uni restarts again.  If worse comes to worse, I can always cash in on that replacement warranty thing and just see if a  brand new laptop can circumvent some issues.  I've noticed my copy of NVDA does not properly do the virtual cursor for a while.

    But this feels far slower than a 40% decrease in performance.  And again, this laptop should of fallen into the group that would be least affected by the update.

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2018-01-10 18:34:06

I'm not experiencing that issue on my GPD WIN. The latest version of 1709 runs well. I wonder if something is wrong with your computer hardware?

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2018-01-10 21:35:13

This aint ms, every intel and amd branded cpu use the same chips and firmware and there is a leak in that.
It can be patched but the only true way to fix it is get a new kernal chip and that is probably going to take a bit.
Meanwhile this is the first patch so they will try to improve performance.
Servers are the worst hit so they say, but modern systems are fine.
I have an old i530m crappy chip on my uncle's server, it was  barely struggling as it was, now its really slow but its old as heck.
Now I have a 3rd gen win7 box, a 4th gen win10 box and either a second or fist gen i3 desk server with win7 all with the update, I have not noticed the 40-50% slowdowns that people say.
On modern systems there are a few milisecond slowdowns but its not much in others it could be worse but bar my uncle's server I havn't seen anything.
His laptop is an old hp, but its an i7 and like my i5 3rd gen so it should be fine.
Then again its not a heavily loaded box, cloud systems and office is about all it has and most of that is cloud based now.
If your system is that slow, I'd be thinking the hdd could be an issue or ram or maybe its time to update that cpu, any modern system from the last 5 years or so should be fine, its where the updates and performance adjustments will be targeted at.
Every phone droid and apple will have the same issue.
As time goes on, and people work round the leak and fix it in firmware they will improve the performance as they go but its going to take a while its the entire industry Intel promise to get initial release by the end of the month if not sooner, so I suspect give it till the end of this year or even next year or sooner and they will have their security and performance issues handled.

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2018-01-11 00:19:25

Hmmm wivern, this is rather odd.
I have a desktop and laptop here both running win 10 and Nvda plus my lady's laptop which has recently had 32 bit windows 10 installed after windows 7 got problematic, and no trouble at all.
the only major thing I noticed with the windows 10 update was the fact that I had to tell microsoft that no I didn't want to use edge, no I do not care if edge will take me to the microsoft store, oh and did i mention again that no, I do not want to use edge? :d.

Other than the repeated winjing about how great  is, I've had no trouble at all, though whether I could also put this down to frequent use of C cleaner or some other factor I am not sure.

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2018-01-11 01:36:43

Well as I said, the old i3 m530 server my uncle has is the slowest, it was fast with 7 but got slower and slower.
It doesn't do to much but there could be a disk or memmory or some sort of failier to.
It is almost useless now with the update, trouble is it was only just holding on when it started and once it was fully loaded with all the programs it barely ran anyway.
I have a first gen i3 with win7 and a 3rd gen i5 with win 7, as well as a 4th gen fully upgraded asus with win10, and bar having to remove a lot of extra networking stuff I did not need the system is not on a whole to bad.
On my i5 and the i3 especially with the backup software I do find a lag when first running such things as waterfox and a more pronounced lag with some game startups but once loaded they are as snappy as ever.
Not all of them have firmware upgrades but my aunt's i5 gen7 is actually continuing to run.
Saying that, she only has an offline office program libre office on her box, itunes for syncs of her iphone and chrome.
100% of her life is managed from the cloud and bar java, some runtimes and the like I have not noticed any slowdowns as such.
They say some systems could get a 3 to 30% slowdown, but most systems will get a single figure slowdown 1-9ms which is probably not much.
And its not like things are slowed down all the time.
As software gets better and firmware one would hope that things will change so you don't have issues.
This patch is the first one it will be improved to return the systems to normal in the coming months.
No one will want to remove performance perminantly just for security, its a stop gap measure thats all.

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2018-01-11 02:15:14

my bran new hp laptop with AMD a6 quad core processor is working nice and fast with the latest windows10 build Windows version: Windows 10Ver1709 (64-bit) build 16299.192  You can get brand new laptops off amazon for around $260 that are nice and fast. they have AMD processors in them. I got my sighted son an laptop with AMD a12 for games on steam for just $365 or so. it also works fine with the newest win10 update.

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2018-01-11 03:45:16 (edited by magurp244 2018-01-11 03:48:28)

Just a heads up, Microsoft halted the Spectre and Meltdown patches for AMD chips because they were bricking some systems, as covered by [The Verge] yesterday. So you may still notice a performance hit on your AMD hardware with future updates.

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2018-01-11 19:32:15

wel. ms said they will be posting details of slowdowns for difrent intel prosesors so we'll see. eather way people say that it's going to be worse on the older models of windows if you have a CPU from 2015 or earlyer.

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2018-01-12 09:35:32 (edited by enes 2018-01-12 09:36:20)

I installed the update on my haswell i5 4200 m processor and did not notice anything. However, I know probably why you are experiencing a slowdown. After this update, the microsoft dotnet optimization services, both for 32 bit, and 64 bit run and perform optimizations. The services are mscorsw.exe. You can see that they are running by opening security and maintenence in control panel, and it will say maintenence in progress. My suggesstion is to let your laptop sit idle for an hour or so, for the automatic maintenence to finish. It should then improve. Then again, performance degredation due to the update is also entirely possible.
also, note that the slowdown due to the meltdown and specter flaws will also affect win7 and 8.1 devices, as they also get the patch.

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2018-01-12 19:34:52

I havn't noticed a large slowdown on my i5 3200, except when doing things like coppying large data files and large data folders to my usb3 flash drives.
I am helping a friend with a dead drive and its taking ages.

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