2017-12-06 07:45:27

Hey all guys! yesterday, i saw an article by revan, how to play world of tanks, or w.o.t. I my self live in russia, so i hear about that game dayly. So. I'd like to clarify something: don't think that for example would be possible for us, blinds:do not shoot your team mates, if you do,  you will out of the game for 1 hour. How do we suppose to know teammate is it or enemy? note!
the wargaming team working to make this game more accessible,  so keep in mind, you can send feedback for them. Yes? well that's great, but can some of you, who played w o t the same way say me what has been made to accessability? I'll try, no dout. if i will figure how to don't destroy your teammates, just great! eeven greater that they are working to make this game more accessible. Ok, guys, now updating that game. Warning: it takes 20 gb of your disc space, or eeven more, so if you have no space don't try to install it eeven, or clean your disc, heh. So, your thorts, guys?

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2017-12-06 09:09:23

what! they are making world of tanks accessible? are you serious?

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2017-12-06 09:48:40

in world of tanks, you need to  highlight the enemy tank by  looking at it, so then the auto aim would get activated.
I'm not sure how we're supposed to do this

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2017-12-06 10:01:19

yeah but it's not just a question of that though is it. it's also not going into rivers lakes or off the top of mountains etc isn't it.

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2017-12-07 00:03:49

I wouldn't get hopes up about this. It's a very visual game, I've seen gameplay of it an there's no way to make that accessible where you'd be competitive with the other players online, so I'd remain skeptical.

I think people have the best of intentions, but it does sort of build hype for stuff that probably will not happen, or will not even be possible. I wouldn't, therefore, get hopes up just to have them dashed.

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2017-12-07 02:14:05

I even made an account on there and tried it. not accessible at all other then the OCR reading the menus. that's it.

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2017-12-07 08:49:50

I haven't tried the game, but...
Do you think someone will take the time to write an article like this if the game is not playable at all?
It's interesting that it beeps when you are aiming at an enemy tank. However, it would be cool to hear a gameplay of a blind person playing the game...

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2017-12-07 12:34:13

like I said before it's not just about shooting other tanks. there are riffers, cliffs other land issues you need to get round as well. that's not to say that I don't think it could be gotten around I think it could perhaps but the accessibility doesn't stop with just shooting up other tanks.

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