2017-12-07 01:35:16

Hello, I have a suggestion for two new games. If developers think they are good ideas, maybe these games could be created by people who know a lot more about developing games than I do... My first idea is a real world trucking simulator. Yes we have Jim kitchen's game, but this would be different. First, this game would use the free open street maps project for its world map data. You would start out with certain trucks, category1 trucks would be mail and small delivery trucks. You would deliver stuff to stores and small businesses in a city. You first start out first 5 tasks as driver in training. You are restricted to driving around one city. But if you don't want to do tasks the trucking company would let you do free driving. that means you can drive your truck anywhere even outside the city, you could just drive it around, take and deliver packages and different cargo, or take no cargo at all. For each successful delivery the company pays you certain number of coins. You could use coins to buy upgrades for your truck. You can only apply upgrades when parked in garages. You also start a new job at the garage. then you drive a short way to the trucking terminal and get your job or task instructions for the day. garages and terminals are requirements for completing tasks. but in free driving you can drive anywhere. after the training tasks then you do the permit tasks. you take slightly bigger cargo and maybe drive on the highway a short ways and deliver stuff to a close neighboring city. after the permit, you get the assistant driver tasks. this unlocks category2 trucks these are bigger, can go faster, and rather than being one whole piece a small delivery truck with no traylor, cat2 trucks have traylors and must be driven differently. make wider turns, careful not to jack-knife or overturn trucks on sharper curves and so on. cat2 trucks also have more tires and more expensive to maintain and fix. there would be an online server system so you can chat in realtime with other truckers. safest to do this when cruise control is turned on. if you don't want to spend lots of time at the computer rather than doing realtime driving you could turn on quick drive mode lets say it takes 8 hours to go from PA to california. in quick drive mode it may only take 20 or 30 minutes. street crossings would beep in right or left ear so you know which way to turn. also have to stop for traffic. major cities would have traffic lights at streets. so if you hear beeps in your left ear and you repeatedly hear red, red, red, and so on you know to stop, once it says green then you either go straight or turn left or right according to directions given by truck's computer navigation system. cat3 trucks would be the biggest. have thee most wheels, can carry the most cargo. also more dangerous to drive, the most dangerous. category3 trucks could have up to 18 or maybe 20 wheels, very very big traylors, take the longest to accellorate and to stop. but on the other hand they can do very very long trips. also are the only ones that can drive in alaska and do dangerous ice-road trucking jobs. it would be just like a real truck. you'd have commands to open and shut doors, cab doors, traylor and truck bed doors, inside and outside lights both cab lights and traylor lights, fuel up truck, monitor fuel level, can fuel at truck stops on highway or at garages, turn on and off engines. turn on and off fans, different braking systems, turn on and off both cab braking and traylor braking systems. for cat2 trucks use cruze control. for cat3 trucks turn on autodrive that means the truck will drive itself from point a to point b. also press tab and read various list boxes to see what trucks are near you in realtime, chat with other drivers when safe to do so or when stopped. turn on and off the radio for music stations such as trucking fm. adjust volume of engines and music and other sounds. different terrain driving such as driving in nice weather, rain, snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain, avoid random accidents and slow down in work zones and so on.

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2017-12-07 01:38:35

also my idea for the next game. a racing game sort of like top speed3 but with more options. a racing game with loops, ramps, jumps, driving in mud, snow, and other terrain. ability to customise your car by purchasing upgrades with in game coins you get by completing races. customise your car with different engines, tires, and so on. also race monster trucks and drive over other racers in their normal cars. customise your monster trucks. drive through mud fast splattering other cars causing them to drift into other cars, the walls, and cause car damage that must later be repaired and makes cars slow down or crash.

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2017-12-07 01:40:10

also not sure how popular this next idea would be. But take the light battles game, and modify it into a dragonBall z fighting game complete with all the sounds, super-saiyan levels, fight villains such as frieza, cell, androids, and majin Buu. Gain super saiyan god powers and fight Lord Beerus and fight in tournaments as you level up.

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2017-12-07 02:55:05

I am not sure about a long winded online truck sim.
I guess I do like outback truckers australia which I watch and can be a challenge.
Weather I'd play something like that is another story.

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2017-12-07 09:47:39

Lol the trucking game sounds sort of like eurofly. All you ahve to do is rename it to eurotruck and change the sounds. Remove height mechanics and replace it with turning and traffic mechanics and zou ahve zour trucking sim.

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2017-12-12 01:20:54

Neither of the first two are bad ideas. They require more expertese in driving and those mechanics than I have, having an S.M.E on any sim game is a good idea.

Not sure about the third one. And I'm always a bit... hazy... on how much leeway we get when making audio games for our little community and what we can use of material that's copyrighted and trademarked up to the nether regions. I mean it probably would go under the radar and it won't touch their proffit margins in the slightest, but the lawyers they probably employ don't care about that and are just out to ruin aspiring creatives for fun.*

* maybe I'm biased

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2017-12-13 14:52:13

Would love an arcade style racer in the style of Top Speed but with more stuff. I know it's open source but I don't know what the code's like. Imagine getting some binaural audio in there!

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2017-12-13 20:50:18

Hmm. I like the trucking idea. The funny thing is, regarding the post that said, take Euro fly and remove flying and make it trucks, and then call it Euro Truck. There's already a game called Euro Truck Simulator. If this gets made, I'd  like to see a multi player, where you could compete, kind of like the TV shows.

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2017-12-14 03:16:59

for the truck simulator:
for physics, we can use bullet to create the mechanics (how two cars collide to each other, etc)
@aaron, top speed uses directX and a hand-written car and trac class which uses its hand written class which i dont know uses what to load and read/write to files

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2017-12-15 07:08:30

I also like the fully-featured trucking sim idea, shame that noone's done anything like that yet.


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2017-12-15 07:12:22

how about some racing space dragons

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2017-12-18 20:11:29

joshknnd1982 wrote:

also not sure how popular this next idea would be. But take the light battles game, and modify it into a dragonBall z fighting game complete with all the sounds, super-saiyan levels, fight villains such as frieza, cell, androids, and majin Buu. Gain super saiyan god powers and fight Lord Beerus and fight in tournaments as you level up.

only problem with the light battles thing is it gets old very fast. and people should be getting tired of that sime idea of that kind of movement for audiogames and things like that. It could be done better than using light battles as the example.

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