hi i downloaded both test exe files and tryed it but the game isnt speaking. i use german language.

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ok i turn the language to english and it works but not in german hm but for sf its ok
thanks for the good work

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@r3dux is there a way to contact you off the forum? Is sending a mail to your forum mail fine?

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@Stewie, when you talk to people it should say speech option x, where x is a value between 0 and 3. If there's only one speech option then obviously only speech option 0 will be available.

I've just added an updated DoTT config which add a trigger for the Standard / Extended play modes of the VCR (which is a verticle toggle switch on the right hand side of the controls). This will act as the slow-motion toggle - but I've yet to get the game to the point where it's recording anything. Also, I can't seem to locate what buttons are being pressed as nothing gets highlighted on mouse-over - I haven't tried using a joypad for it yet though, perhaps that'll help me track it down.

With regards to the safe combination, I'm pretty sure it's hard-coded as it uses a sequence of drawn frames to display the combination, so you might just be able to look it up if it's being a nuisance.

The new DoTT config can be found at the SoniFightConfigs repo. Just download and extract the zip and copy the DoTT config.xml over the one in your sonifight folder, then start/restart SoniFight and it should be available.

I thought that safe would turn out to be trouble - unfortunately I was right.

@hadi.gsf - Yeah, just ping me an email through the forum and I'll get back to you.

With regard to using a hex editor, one of the simple features of one is that it can find and replace text without breaking the executable if you do it correctly. Probably easier if I have a go at making "discoengine.exe" and I can ping it to you if it works.

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Day of the Tentacle Spoilers
Bernard inputs the combination himself after he sees it. I'm busy right now but I can look at the config later.
End Spoilers

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I tried the new config. The play mode switch works, however I still can't complete the puzzle without having the others labeled. They seem to be all in  a straight line, but no combination for me is working.

Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.

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@Stewie - Unfortunately nothing highlights in-game when you mouse over the VCR buttons. As you say, they're all in a straight line and from left to right are: Eject, Rewind, Play, Fast-Forward, Record, and finally Stop.

Just to the right of the Stop button is the Standard Play / Extended Play toggle switch.

To solve the puzzle you'll need something to record... rather than putting spoilers here I've written up some hints that should point you in the right direction. You can find the hints at the following address:

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I noticed a while ago that when I use cheat engine and find the addresses and values I want, everything works fine. but if I save my cht file, when I close cheat engine and the game then launch them both the cht file doesn't find the same values and I have to do it all manually again.
is my system changing memory addresses for programs each time I run them? and if so, why and can I stop it.

reason I'm wondering is it may explain why certain features in sonifight configs don'w work for me. it's looking in the wrong places for the values it needs if that makes sence.

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a friend has windows 7 and sonifight doesnt work with sf4 i turn steam on english but nothing.
maybe the problem is windows 7?

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hadn't thought of that. I'm running windows 7 as well. wonder if it's just people with 7 having problems with sf4?

if duct tape doesn't fix it, you haven't used enough.

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@SirBadger - That's exactly what's happening! Each time the game loads the current state of your PC's memory is slightly different, and there are also other aspects that affect the memory layout - so essentially every time you load the game the memory addresses for health or ammo or whatever are different. There isn't anything that you can do to change this - it's just how it all works.

This is why SoniFight uses pointer chains as a 'series of hops' to locate the values of interest in a manner which allows it to consistently work across different runs/reboots/PCs.

So unless your cheat engine .CHT files contain pointers to the values, instead of just where the values happen to be on the specific run of the game when you found them then they're unlikely to be of much use, unfortunately.

@Atlan - I replied to you in the user trial thread, and yeah - it could be that Windows 7 is loading things slightly different and breaking the pointer chains. If the SF4 config doesn't work for you in Windows 7 then it's quite likely it doesn't work for anyone in Windows 7. I can try to look into it. It would be great if someone other than me was able to create a modified Windows 7 version of the SF4 config, considering that the values to be found will all exist in the existing config (i.e. it's just the watch pointer chains that would need to be updated), but if not I'll see what I can do - although I won't be able to get to it right away.

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