2015-09-05 19:58:35

I have a new laptop and I want to throw some music software and movies on it, I know torrents is the best way of doing it, so does anyone know the fastest and best client to use? plus whats the best sight to get torrents from? I was told the pirate bay is. thx for any suggestions

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2015-09-05 21:58:41

I myself use free download manager. It is very accessible and the download speed is very good.
When you want to get a torrent, you should press the download button, or download any file if it's via kikass torrents and a dialog showing some options will pop up. Just find the OK button and the download will begin right away.
Hope it helps

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2015-09-06 05:32:51

do u have a link to free download manager?

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2015-09-06 06:11:29

hi smoothgunner, for downloading torrents, I recommend you to try Utorrent.
it's very accessible, and the download speed is also good.
if you want to get it, you can visit the official website at www.Utorrent.com

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2015-09-06 08:03:08

Hi smooth gunner, just type on Google "Free download manager", and the first result you see is from the official website. Then you will easily figure out how to download it. You may also want to see what can it do, so find it there.

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2015-09-06 08:44:04

I wouldn't know of the best torrent client but what I use myself is BitComet, and it gets the job done. in terms of accessibility its reasonable, at least I have no issues using it although there are a few places that require you to use the jaws curser or whatever equivalent your screenreader has
I wouldn't suggest using Utorrent though, it doesn't really have a good rep when it comes to installing adware and other such crap on your pc.
Free download manager from what I've heard is also good.


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2015-09-07 04:27:18

The FDM download can be found on their website at Free Download Manager.org

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2015-09-07 12:40:23

thankyou for all the suggestions guys, free download manager seems like the best way to go, mu torrent, already tried to give me a virus

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2015-09-07 16:11:47

Although I don't have so much to do with torrents these days, I still find free download manager [FDM] the best downloader and why not, the most accessible one.

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2015-09-07 19:36:36

I very rarely download torrents these days, but I've found Bit Comet to be the best. It's lighter on system resources than Utorrent, plus it doesn't install crapware as the latest versions of Utorrent have done lately.

Free Download Manager is nice, but the reason I don't use that as a torrent client is because it has a lot of extra features that I don't need, considering that I use Down Them All as my download manager.

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2015-09-07 19:40:17

hi. I use bit torrent which is very accessible with nvda + it is very small and doesn't take much of your ressources. you can try that as well.

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2015-09-07 21:23:09

I grabbed download manager and I have already downloaded a couple torrents it works just fine, so think ill stick with this, thanks again to all. I like kikass torrents better than the pirate bay to grab torrents, I didn't even know about it until I read one of the comments

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2015-09-07 22:53:42

Pirate bey hosts some high quality torrents sometimes and that's why I love it.
Also it's easy to download mate, don't get confused.

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2017-11-29 12:28:53 (edited by Dairstry 2017-11-29 12:29:39)

I use KAT before yet it's down now. Here I have found some Kickass alternative:
http://www.autoviva.com/forum/viewtopic … mp;t=57168
http://evrath.raidghost.com/phpBB3/view … 5175#p5175
http://camperszene.de/viewtopic.php?f=2 … 1586a1a33b
http://www.irishgaelictranslator.com/tr … 19502.html
There are some good ideas and it's safe to use.

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2017-12-06 00:17:26

I have no idea why the hell I recommended Bit Comet in a previous post. I retract that, since this topic came back up. These days I use Pico Torrent, which is open source and very light on system resources.

The glass is neither half empty nor half full. It's just holding half the amount it can potentially hold.

2017-12-06 04:46:17

I used Free Download Manager, but the problem is, it doesn't focus when I switch to it.  I don't quite understand why it's doing that, but oh well.    I have to click on it with the mouse in order for it to focus.

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