2017-11-26 17:17:24

Hey all,

I really need some advice. I've been trying to boot my lenovo computer from a flash drive with the Windows.iso file already installed.  I  try to boot in safe mode, even tried going to the Bios and loading from there, how do I make the menu pop up in order to select a device from which to load? If I could just load the file from my flash, I could reinstall Windows again. I hate the Windows Insider program, it caused my computer to get really messed up. I turn it on, and it starts with a sad face and the message, "your windows insider build encountered a problem."  Then, it goes to auto repair, but then just restarts again with the same message, and loops like that forever. 

Any ideas?

Thanks for all of your guys's help.

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2017-11-26 22:32:39

Some Lenovo models have something called "Novo Button". Try pressing this just when the PC starts up

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2017-11-28 11:02:47

That sounds good, where would this button be located?  Thanks for the help.

Indeed, wisdom comes through experience. Those who value life and it's many joys and downturns know this to be the truth.

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2017-11-28 18:54:07

If it is a new laptop, you have it on the side with the charger.
That is a verry small button, so, search with chare.

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2017-11-28 21:48:29 (edited by prajwal 2017-11-28 21:52:44)

first  disable useless stupid  thing  secure boot  press windows key plus i to bring settings menu  then fine a sirch edit box use nvda for this task  plus i and settings sirch box wil open type windows to go startup options then pres tab and select yes some drives can harm your pc radio button there wil b to buttons  first one no i will  change it from firmwair then second wil   some drives can harm your pc  like that  then press tab  and select save then enjoy  u s b booting

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2017-11-30 01:54:49

better yet, figure out your boot menu key. on my dell, that is f12. f9 and f2 are common. then, power off the laptop, power it on. while it's powering on, hit the f key. up, down, up, down. then, when you feel like it's enough, press the down arrow, hit enter, wait a little. now, attempt to start narrator. you may need sighted help for this part, I personally didn't.

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2017-12-06 00:15:40

Some computers aren't set to boot from a USB drive in the bios. It doesn't matter whether your system is legacy or UEFI either, which is rather unfortunate, because it's a lot more effective than booting from a CD or DVD. It's also a nightmare if you're blind, because there's still no foolproof way to access the bios without sighted help. I hope for your sake that bringing up the boot menu as suggested above will work. I had an older Del laptop from 2010 or so which wouldn't boot at all from a flash drive no matter what I did.

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