there are several things that make me suspect that it's now getting near to christmas.
The first, is that it's roughly six weeks since I saw my first advert on television encouraging  me to celibrate the season of peace, goodwill and the importance of family togetherness and warm fuzzy feelings towards the rest of human kind by going and spending lots and lots of cash on various material items, ---- hmmmm, methinks there is something rather wrong here.

The second, is that there is a decided nip in the air these days. Okay this is England, there is always! a decided nip in the air, but at the moment the air is a bit nippier than usual.
The third, is this rather ute little game forumite Conor dug out of the innards of the interweb entitled merry clickmas.
Similar to space company the object is to  and progress by buying upgrades, however the object here is to save christmas itself by the power of your toy making and present wrapping clicks.
With lots of cute upgrades from the chance to higher elves to inventively decorate the reigndeer's stables, this is definitely a game that should get you in the mood for christmas, ---- that is to say in the mood for accumulating lots and lots and lots of worldly goods in as short a time, with as little expenditure of resources as possible. Start your clicking Here on the game's homepage

Then, we have a couple of bits of updating news to report.
The first of these, is that Crazy party has recieved yet another update to beta 55. This one including new battlecards, and the chance to expand  deck to a full 80 cards, as well as several important bug squashings and a more efficient deck building stratogy.
The second, relates to everyone's favourite time traveling battle rpg for Ios, Adventure to fate 3, quest to the future Updates include a hole new class, the devastating arcane archer, and some good backwards compatibility fixes for older systems too.

Also if your planning to get into the festie spirit, don't forget that many online games are starting up with their crimbo events, for example Alteraeon have already started up with their ever popular advent Calender, so feel free to stop in for daily goodies, while in the futuristic world of Core exiles various festive npcs will be looking for deliveries of santa's missing items which you might find while mining or fighting off spaceshipss, plus even in the dark and twisted world of Puppet nightmares You can go and battle the unpleasantness of Satan claws over at xmas hill and see what synister things are lirking in the gingerbread knob, ----- and these are just the games I happen to know about at the moment.

Happy gaming.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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