2017-11-27 01:38:45

Hi everyone, who takes a minute to look at my project. I have set this game up to work with a xbox one controller. I do not believe keyboard input is completely setup at the moment. So, overall this game has about a 60 second narrative introduction that sets up the story and what you will need to do. The game works with both analog sticks and the goal is to navigate this space to the exit, while avoiding a monster that is after you.  It’s pretty straight forward just walk around like you would with most games that use 2 analogs no jumping no attacking. Just moving around and trying to find your way to the exit that has an alarm attached to it. Alarm is there so you never lose your way. I did my best to make the least annoying alarm for the game as possible in the back ground. Its currently only one level and shouldn’t take very long to play.

Instructions: hook up a xbox controller, a pair of headphones and try not to be eaten by the monster.

You can find the game on my google drive :  https://drive.google.com/open?id=15L4fQ … ZSawKda7Ou

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2017-11-27 03:10:49

Unfortunately, I do not have an XBox 1 controller. I can only use the keyboard at the moment. Others on this forum may be in the same boat I'm. So, Until keyboard support is fully implimited, I, We won't be able to play this game. I am hoping that we can help to test it out soon, when you are able.

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2017-12-02 22:25:17

Hope my Xbox 360 works instead.

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2017-12-02 22:31:07

Hey, i was able to try using my xbox controller! I like the game so far!

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