2017-11-28 08:41:06

So I have the basic mechanics down for a touch screen game I'm working on for windows systems.
You play sitting stagnant in the car and have a hand object you have to move around.
I'm not done with all the sounds... and I defiantly need better ones, but the gist is there.

you move your hand on a 2D plane with one finger, and when you press 2 fingers the hand object moves forward; Because of a clipping bug i added a 3 fingers option that brings the hand back in center of the screen.

The objects you need to hit all make repeating (Kinda annoying) sounds, currently there are 3. When I'm done they should randomly spawn in.

I don't have an ending scenario currently implemented ether, but you'll know you got them all when their noises stop.

As far as moving around the passenger side of the car goes, whenever you bump into say a wall or the dash a sound is played at that location to help you get your barrings. At this point it's allot of in unity work for me setting up a more interesting environment.

I posted before not knowing you needed everything up and running, my bad. But here you go, i'd be very appreciative of any comments/ suggestions on my proceeding.

Link to Zip file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11Qa0f_ … sp=sharing

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