2017-11-24 15:58:03

Hi, my name is Julian Rivera. I am a senior at the University of Baltimore. I am currently working on a prototype of a game for my audio only class. the concept is a frog that cannot see the bugs it is trying to catch but instead is relying on its hearing ability.

when you enter the game, it will bring up a start menu, it is preset to start on the start menu so click the return key when the game starts. There are two flies and one bee in the game scene at the moment. the goal is to catch the flies without catching any bees (still working out a point system and timer). the bugs will fly in a half circle around you. you will have to determine which of the 5 zones in front of you the bug is in and try to catch them at said zone. zone 1 being the far left and zone 5 being far right.

once you collect all the bugs you can hit the escape key to quit the game.

The controls are
Q = zone 1
W = zone 2
E = zone 3
R = zone 4
Spacebar = zone 5

escape key = quit the game

right now my biggest concern is how to get the player to know when bugs are right in front of them and slightly to the right or left.  i don't think what i have now is the best approach to the game but i am not sure what will work. any suggestions and critiques are welcome.

here is a link to the game. it is all packaged ina  zip folder https://drive.google.com/open?id=16ZNEi … 1k5bc7wWI1

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2017-11-25 03:08:03

Unfortunately I can't give this a try right now, since I get n error about missing/unregistered dll's when I start the program. It's most likely no fault of yours though since I'm on a virtual machine right now. I'll definitely give this a try once I get around to my main Windows laptop.

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2017-11-26 20:13:32

I just copied the .dll from the dark house game and it worked, they must all be using the same version of unity (lucky) LOL.

I like the cartoonish sounds for this game, helps set the scene.
But without panning, it's unfortunately pretty much impossible to tell which zone the bug is in, pitch could work, but since the keys you need to press go left to right, panning makes more sense.
So you would want to have zone one in the left channel only, zone 2 half way between center and left, zone 3 in the center channel, zone 4 half way between center and right and zone 5 in the right channel only, and that's where the bug sound would play.

Also, right now the keys aren't very well placed IMO.
I think f, g, space, h, j would be best, from 1 to 5, or you could use a different method, which I will explain.

The other method would be to let the player move their aim with the left and right arrows or by sliding the mouse, moving by 1 zone at a time with zone 1 on the far left, zone 3 in the middle and zone 5 on the far right, and attack with a separate key, such as space, left/right control, or left/right click.
If you do that, you'll need to make sure you have a sound for moving (like a little click or beep) which doesn't necessarily need to pan (that way when you don't hear that sound after pressing the arrow key, you know you've reached an edge and can only go back the other way now.

As an example, if I start in the middle (zone 3) 1 press of the left arrow would put me on zone 2, another press of the left arrow would put me on zone 1, and then if I pressed right arrow from zone one, now I'd be on zone 2 again.
If I instead pressed right arrow from the middle (zone 3) I'd be on zone 4, and another press would take me to zone 5, then if I pressed left arrow on zone 5, I'd go back to zone 4, etc.

Both systems work just fine, and have been used in several previous audio games to good effect, so feel free to go with which ever one is easier for you.

If you wish to get some more sounds than http://www.freesound.org is the place to go, they have a massive selection (including plenty of cartoon sounds that would be perfect for this game) as well as easy to understand licensing.
Oh and they won't spam you either. tongue
For background music, their are a few sites to choose from:
http://www.marcelofernandezmusic.com/ro … ree-music/

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