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Hi my name is Matt Horner and I'm a student at the University of Baltimore currently enrolled in an Audio Only games class. This is my prototype for my audio endless runner game. The game at this state just has three traps the player should dodge, a lava trap, axe trap, and arrow trap. The player is always moving forwards and must hit the correct button to dodge the trap. There are also three lanes the player can move in, center, left, or right. As the player is moving forward the player hears a trap being activated, the player must then react to what sound they hear. The lava trap, the player must jump over using space, the axe trap, the player must crouch hitting c, and the arrow, the player must move left or right hitting a or d to dodge the trap. Right now the game ends after dodging these three traps. It might take some getting used to the sounds to know what button to press.

Right now my biggest concern determining how far away the player is from the trap. The trap does start out very quiet and gets louder and louder the closer you get to it. I also am still playing around with some of the sounds and the volume. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am also going to be adding a sound for moving left or right so the player knows where they are. I also plan to make the hallway longer and harder but I want to make sure my three main traps work correctly and can be dodged easily before making it longer.

To play the player uses a and d to move left and right, space to jump, and c to crouch.

Here a link to the executable and data folder: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BD8VR … VfIM4oArth

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Sorry, I just don't get this, I move left and right, and I hear an endless clicking then some boiling water then my player says ow then it restarts, see no point to this game if it can even be called that.

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2017-11-22 17:13:41

@Crashmaster: I don't think you necesssarily have to move until you hear a trap. in some cases you have to press a key and not move left and right.

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The link is wrong. Please upload link.

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The link works, it just doesn't preview, be patient and it will load the save dialog after a few seconds.
Also, read the first post, it's not that hard, he literally tells you exactly what to do.

Yaye! I beat it!
Aside from the walking and jumping sound, the sounds are actually pretty high quality compared to many other prototypes, and after I got the hang of when to do the action, it was pretty straight forward.

You should probably tell the player what keys to use when they open the game, via a skippable dialog (usually enter or space is used to skip those).
Also, it would be good to know if you can hold down the keys, I seemed to be able to with "C" but not space? Maybe I'm just making things up in my head. LOL

I would suggest that you add a learn game sounds feature as well, many audio games use this, and it's extremely useful.
Basically you would either be presented with a skippable dialog before the game starts, which speaks what the sound means, then plays the sound, for each one.
Or, you would press a key in game, say, tab or something, and the same thing would happen.
You also don't need to use a dialog, you can use a menu instead if it's easier, though I doubt it will be, but who knows right? all languages/engines and coding styles are different...
Just have the sound description, then press a key to play the sound, in a loop until you move to the next description, aranged as items in a menu.
For instance, a menu pops up when you press tab in the game and says something like (learn game sounds menu, press up and down arrow to choose a sound, press space to listen to one, and press escape to exit this menu) the first item is your walking sound, so it says, "your character walking" and you press space to play the sound, then you hit down arrow and that sound stops looping, then it says the next one "lava pit" and you press space to loop the sound until your satisfied that you know what to look out for, then you hit down arrow for the next one, or up arrow to review the previous sound again etc.

Not sure why the jump sound randomly happens at the start of the level :-D but what ever it's not a big deal, just letting you know.
It would also be nice if their was a little sound for when you've cleared an obstacle.
For the left and right thing, you could either pan everything, player and obstacles, to that side by like 50-75% or use a sound, like you were suggesting, preferably one that is panned to that side as a direction indicator.
The first option is cooler, but the second still works just fine.

I quite like this game actually, it certainly has potential.
I would search http://www.freesound.org for some better footstep and jump sounds if I were you though...
The licensing their is very straight forward and the selection is amazing (plus they won't spam you). tongue
If you want some background music, then I would suggest http://www.freemusicarchive.com http://www.soundimage.org http://www.incompetech.com http://www.nihilore.com http://www.marcelofernandezmusic.com/ro … ree-music/ or https://jonathan-so.itch.io/creatorpack

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